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  1. Just put £100 on a Hearts PSG Douuble returned £450 not bad for a days work
  2. Big giroud is on fire him first goal is my in-play
  3. NXT Takeover was fucking class only watched it because of the fact it was in London but might have to tune in every week how is Raw and Smackdown this bad when theres shows like this being put on by the SAME company/ wtf
  4. Can't wait to see this Cowboy Cerrone v Dos Anjos fight now to see who fights McGregor say what you want about the guy but he has got loads of eyes on the UFC including me. I reckon Dos Anjos and Cerrone would beat McGregor, I also want to see Joe Duffy given a chance at him in LW as he is a guy who has previously beaten McGregor, can't wait.
  5. Got Star Wars Battlefront games alot of fun online
  6. I just hope they dont draw Young Boys in the Europa League that would be a travesty.
  7. What a dick, before it he was saying he was so comfident of them doing Malmo because they have a Celtic reject (who scored two of their oppositions goals might I add) trying to say we are shite bla bla bla get tore into this wee rat.
  8. warburuton gave the Malmo manager his magic hat for tonights game. Secret agent ''Hat'' mission accomplished, well done hat.
  9. 171 guests. GET IT RIGHT FUCKING UP YE YA PRICKS Might need to steal Warburtons magic hat to get through the Europa group stages bunch of rancid cheated but never defeated bastards!
  10. I think Warburtons team could give these pricks a game and even beat them said before this Malmo game Malmo would go through their team hasnt had any competition at all and when they do they get pumped.
  11. Sutton almost crying calling the refs idiots and stuff lool comedy gold
  12. Sutton is hurting his bias is unreal i say we get the complaints in to BT get this guy off our TVs fucking unreal.
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