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  1. Deanow

    PlayStation Plus

    If they got the Black ops trial/eta exclusive to PS+ they would gain a shitload. PS3 has shit exclusives for this. I will get this when theres alot more exclusives.
  2. Can a play LS? Virtual pro name - Jelavic
  3. Deanow

    Clubs (PS3)

    Bryan52 fog dande101 mrmytto DeanCRFC
  4. Am the ultimate Fifa god Played like 90 lost 17 I welcome the chase
  5. Aye mate uplayin now?
  6. PSN iD - DeanCRFC Positon - LS Played clubs before? - Yes alot How often online? - All the time Played against you lot before
  7. Exactly theres no reason for him not to
  8. 29 posts ... Make that 30. Why would he NOT get a work permit?
  9. Proven whats already happened this deal could take another spin soon but lets hope not! If he does sign what are we going to do with Beattie ? Surely it will be Miller and Jelavic upfront and Beattie being a new signing could feel he hasnt been given a chance and be very upset if dropped. I dont see Walter going 4-3-3 either...
  10. :drool: Im expecting a sash bash at Ibrox tomorrow ! 300+ pages is something
  11. I canny be arsed reading through this please tell me its moved on ! Delighted we landed Weiss!!!! :D:D
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