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  1. 2 tickets for shed upper £56.50 per ticket Pm me for details can be paid through PayPal or bank transfer will post special delivery as soon as they arrive.
  2. 1 for sale Text this number +44 7429 398551 my phones goin to die so it's my mates phone
  3. 1 ticket but can get more if required. Pm me can meet at the ground.
  4. The 5 Star rating doesnt exist anymore its based on another system
  5. Thats fucking hilarious. The darts is so bad on the BDO they have a cheek even calling it the world championships.
  6. Got a few spare for this match if you need any could you PM me with a phone number please
  7. Go early the que gets massive at times.
  8. Spare ticket for bf1 Meet outside stadium Pm me of interested £17
  9. Since I'm from Airdrie I'm happy at this draw. I have mates that support Airdrie so it will be a good day out. Before this season Airdrie (since coming back in 2002) had never played us or them in a competitve match.
  10. Everyone who follows football should know it. The decision has came a bit late and i do feel sorry for the fans but there's not much that can be done.
  11. Well it was an international weekend so it was always in doubt.
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