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  1. did u get my text pal?

  2. what stands that ticket in and is it a concession ?

  3. am full time :P am jd williams outbound so a do mon-friday . what bus you on ?

  4. aw mate eh just need to ask at the start of the season. You could always join my bus if you want give us a PM. good bunch of guys on it and its a good laugh.

    I start part time on the 3rd may. what hours do u do mate

  5. naw thats ma pal a go to the games wae , when do ye start in cogent ? a work there its actually shit :P

  6. Am not sure mate are you not on the cruix bus ?

  7. btw how do ye become a member of the bus ?

  8. what time does the bus leave for home games ?

  9. Aw a know who you are mate.

  10. A was sittin infront of you last nyt wae ma m8

  11. Aye thats the bus i go on every game.

    Who are you on it.

  12. You got any tickets for parkhead ? a go on the court bus for away games , dont know if ye know me bt if youv got any let me know.

  13. Have u got another 1 m8

    Im sorted but for ma m8

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