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  1. Downloaded the podcast for work tomorrow. Can't fucking wait.
  2. I sit in the West enclosure but i had my old season ticket for the govan front and the view was
  3. A fit James Beattie would do more than a job up here!
  4. Well another day goes by and still no Jelavic at ibrox, it realy has been a long drawn out saga this and according to some post in here may have another day or 2 in it! Walter and co must realy like this guy to have been chasing him for so long now, lets just hope he finally arrives for the game against killie which would give everyone a huge lift!
  5. Lets see how desperate he is to play for the glasgow rangers now! I would be astonished if we had not set up a plan with the player when we were supposedly in talks with him yesterday! Im actully gobsmacked that we are willing to fork out 4million on 1 player, i thought those days had gone!
  6. I would agree with what you are saying but for me it works both ways as the players should be starting our home games in a much higher tempo! Then I'm sure the crowd would feed off that!
  7. I'm in work just now checking site every 2mins haha, I just hope everything gets sorted out today because for me this guy will tear the spl up! Cmon rangers let's get it done!
  8. Sorry to hear this! Cracking wee dog aswell!
  9. Fuck me im nearly crying again! Such an emotional night!
  10. I will never forget the night before the final, my mind was into overdrive and not a winks sleep! Cant even begin to imagine what it would have been like had we lifted the trophy!
  11. I'm beginning to think we've got more money than we're letting on. IMO, we need five signings. 2x wingers, 2x strikers and 1x defender. If we got that I'd be one happy bear. Never in a million years will we be signing 5 players! I think if we can get 3 in we would be doing well!
  12. Seems a good player by all accounts, a player who would enhance the starting 11
  13. Realy hope this is alot of shite!
  14. Mols without a doubt! A truly phenomenal player, I will never forget that night when he got that injury he was destroying bayern straight from the off!
  15. Hopefully he is pals with big dado and he can tell him how amazing this club is!
  16. I would be absolutly delighted if this was true! Both of them are at a great age with a fair amount of experience behind them already! Let's get them signed up rangers!
  17. I dont see anywhere saying the deal is off. Im hoping he signs always liked him!
  18. I would probably say the Jonas Thern strike but for sheer emotion it would have to be lovenkrands in the scottish cup final !
  19. Shows a good bit of confidence asking walter for the no10. I would have no problem with that if he shows he can be a regular performer!
  20. Didnt get the chance to see this game but a very good result and a decent performance going with some of the posts on here! Well done rangers
  21. Nachos time as a rangers player had come to an end sadly, 1 year contract offer was fair enough. But as someone said earlier big game player don't grow on trees!
  22. Good to see the young lad getting a chance. I don't often get the oppertunity to see the youths but by all accounts the reports I have read on here wylde always seems to get backed for a first team chance! Grab your chance with both hands Gregg!
  23. Good to hear levein is willing to put this shit to bed now and play mcgregor! Some of the comment after the boozegate scandal were a disgrace towards shagger! A fantastic keeper who for me should be scotlands no1 period!
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