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  1. The best Rangers goal I’ve seen since Gazza vs Aberdeen 1996.
  2. It’ll definitely be this. The first three of four convictions of Reynhard Sinaga, Britain’s most prolific convicted rapist, were kept secret until the judgement in his fourth trial earlier this year.
  3. Shaking with anger at that Guardian article. An utter disgrace of a club. It would have been so easy to do the right thing by the victims. The money they spent on new transfers this season would cover £500,000 compensation payouts to each of the 21 survivors in the civil case. Barkas, Ajeti and Turnbull are worth more, it seems, than the lost decades of 21 traumatised men.
  4. This montage of Morelos' shithousing is funny but also concerning.
  5. A great album, and maybe more consistent, but Sign ‘O the Times just has a vibe of someone at the height of their powers trying anything they fancy and generally pulling it off.
  6. Unquestionably the shittest RM era.
  7. I seem to remember reading that he tried to get Marvin Hagler to shave his beard, he was so afraid of cuts.
  8. I have to say, personally I enjoy his style, both his earlier high flown biblical shit and his later more concise stuff, and I think he is really skilled at managing to make his sentences comprehensible without punctuation in a way that most writers couldn’t, but it’s definitely an acquired taste. Apparently his response to being asked about it is simply “why would I mess up the page with lots of ugly marks?” He seems to have borrowed the style from William Faulkner, who is a better novelist but not as good at writing comprehensible sentences
  9. A lot of people in here who seem to think the bloke who rhymed “doctor” with “helicopter” is a better lyricist than the writer of Songbird, and I’m not having it.
  10. Mate, if the lack of punctuation in The Road bothered you, Blood Meridian is going to drive you around the bend. The Road has fairly short, snappy sentences. Blood Meridian has mad, meandering passages of Old Testament fire and brimstone, but still with a fear of commas.
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