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  1. I can't comprehend this shit. It's the kind of dehumanising mentality that leads to things like Hillsborough. I hate their club but I certainly don't feel this way towards Celtic fans and I pity them for feeling that way towards us. Weirdos.
  2. There are only 28 days in February, champ, but then again, that means 5 days, so neither of us were right.
  3. 4 days on and still trying to process this, eh @McEwan's Lager?
  4. This is actually the only helpful post I have ever read on here. It's got it all. Facts. Nuance. Personal experience. Der Hammer. Everything.
  5. Jelavic actually had an excellent European record with Rapid, but he only scored one European goal after the age of 25, which is entirely to do with the fact he never played again for a team that could actually get into Europe, except for one season in Hull, when he was mostly a sub. It's entirely possible Morelos could fall off to the same extent, I suppose. In any case, Morelos has scored for us against Porto, Feyenoord, Young Boys, Benfica etc, whereas in Jelavic's best season for Rapid he was scoring against absolute dross like Tony Mowbray's Celtic
  6. On the other hand, Morelos scored the same number of goals for us in Europe last season as Jelavic scored in Europe in his entire career.
  7. Deep-lying playmaker for Rangers. Would like to just hang about the centre circle, barely running, smoking and drinking pints and pinging laser-guided passes to Coisty and Hateley in Europe.
  8. Rangers - Follow Follow Loyalist - No. 1 Platoon or Armagh Brigade
  9. Neither glamorous nor the easiest.
  10. He's going to end up top scorer and top for assists.
  11. I hope he develops in his own time, instead of being treated like a bodybuilder and having his knees ruined.
  12. Gerrard said he shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath as Walter Smith, but he's only a defeat to Gothenburg in the Champions League away from earning the comparison I suppose!
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