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  1. The San Siro is the best looking stadium next to Ibrox. It's kind of a dump, but the best atmosphere I ever experienced in a stadium was at Partizan Stadium in a derby against Red Star Belgrade, so would have to throw that in there.
  2. It's very impressive that a "facial surgeon" is able to calculate the fatality probability of a hypothetical brain injury down to a single percentage point. Perhaps he's wasted in his field.
  3. If it was robust, the gambling companies wouldn't breach the rules and need to be fined. In any case, we're not advertising the Gambling Commission. The existence of a regulator doesn't make the regulated organisation somehow more respectable. The only companies wanting to throw money at us are going to be dodgy in some way or another. We don't have to kid ourselves that they aren't just to feel better about it.
  4. Frozen out of the Argentina team for five years because he had long hair By a guy who owes his winner's medal to Mario Kempes, no less.
  5. Will be a shame when he loses player of the year to Laxalt.
  6. Have you heard this yet....incredible


    1. JamieD


      I hadn't! Good stuff.

  7. trying to hunt down that Rheostatics album on vinyl cheapest  i can find is £75 ffs

    1. JamieD


      Yeah, it's weird. They were pretty big in Canada, Whale Music usually comes in the top 10 for their own polls of the best Canadian albums ever, so I don't get why it's so hard to come by. I had to rip their first album from YouTube, with shite audio fidelity.

  8. think you will enjoy this ,some terrific writing,lhttp://ramalbumclub.com/ook forward to it every friday



  9. Good to hear, I'm fine mate. Heard the Arsenal game was poor, was flicking through some of the games, mainly watched Barcelona and Valencia. Have you seen Pique's backheel for the fourth goal? Superb once again. What game you planning on watching tomorrow? Gutted about Naisy. :(

  10. Thought it was about time I had a conversation with yourself Jamie, how you doing buddy?

  11. Hi Jamie,

    If you send me an e-mail:g.mcghee1@ntlworld.com

    I will send you the full list of games.

  12. Just added my unwelcome comments..

  13. This is costablancabear i run globalgers.com and used to write for this site which is a great site and must have taken some graft to make this work - I know after my site only 8 weeks old how hard it must have been anyway PM anytime bro!

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