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  1. One of the great mysteries of the world, to me, is that so many people think Maradona's hand gained him more of an advantage against 6ft Peter Shilton than Didi, Djalma Santos, Vava, Garrincha, Carlos Alberto, Gerson, Jairzinho and Rivelino gave Pele.
  2. Can't understand how a football fan could not be. It's like not being a fan of breathing.
  3. Couldn't handle it DURING the game!
  4. 37 minutes of highlights, from a single world cup. Ridiculous.
  5. I haven’t. I have a copy of it, and the second book in the trilogy, but haven’t read them. Started but didn’t finish Suttree too, which I would like to back to some day.
  6. Will be a shame when he loses player of the year to Laxalt.
  7. Necrotizing fasciitis is clearly the most metal of all infections. Good job, Jeff. Saw Slayer a few years ago. They were awesome for about 10 minutes but then it was just kind of like "okay you could have played Angel of Death 15 times and nobody would have known the difference."
  8. Stunning volley from Larsson but where was Liverpool's defence? Woeful.
  9. Has the orca Kris Commons lost any of his blubber yet?
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