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  1. I seem to remember reading that he tried to get Marvin Hagler to shave his beard, he was so afraid of cuts.
  2. I have to say, personally I enjoy his style, both his earlier high flown biblical shit and his later more concise stuff, and I think he is really skilled at managing to make his sentences comprehensible without punctuation in a way that most writers couldn’t, but it’s definitely an acquired taste. Apparently his response to being asked about it is simply “why would I mess up the page with lots of ugly marks?” He seems to have borrowed the style from William Faulkner, who is a better novelist but not as good at writing comprehensible sentences
  3. A lot of people in here who seem to think the bloke who rhymed “doctor” with “helicopter” is a better lyricist than the writer of Songbird, and I’m not having it.
  4. Mate, if the lack of punctuation in The Road bothered you, Blood Meridian is going to drive you around the bend. The Road has fairly short, snappy sentences. Blood Meridian has mad, meandering passages of Old Testament fire and brimstone, but still with a fear of commas.
  5. Dark is an understatement. His masterpiece, in my opinion.
  6. They both have huge egos but I’m not sure that’s entirely fair on Messi, who has played very well with massive ball-hogging stars like Ronaldinho, Ibrahimović, Suarez and Neymar, and he has adapted his game accordingly. And, notably, he has thrown his toys out of the pram about Barcelona not re-signing Neymar, which it’s hard to imagine either Cristiano Ronaldo or most other all-time greats doing.
  7. In theory, Messi’s playmaking and CR’s finishing should be a match made in heaven. In practice it’s hard to imagine the rapist tolerating another top dog in his team.
  8. Never have understood why this bothers fans. We all scream at the ref for cards, and we hate players who don’t care as much as the fans. The maths doesn’t add up.
  9. Some of them are decent people, some are cunts. The system itself is shite and does a good job of weeding out, crushing or turning a lot of the good ones into cunts. Hillsborough means that we have been fortunate in this country to really see for certain, with extraordinary, detailed evidence, that it isn’t “a few bad apples”, but that an entire force will lie, smear and defame the memory of the people they are sworn to protect, if the conditions arise to make it in their interests to do so. That didn’t happen because the individual officers of South Yorkshire police happened to be cunt
  10. To be fair, when Djokovic did that at the US open in 2011 Federer was sore as fuck about it.
  11. Don’t understand it. There’s no other sport where luck is considered disrespectful.
  12. Not even the best Soviet goalkeeper, surely?
  13. I have been in Croatia for two days and have barely moved from the pool or the beach except to piss out the beer 👍🏻
  14. One of my favourites too. His solo effort for Fiorentina against Maradona’s Napoli was a masterpiece too.
  15. It’s like Trump has shares in the Darwin awards or something.
  16. Horrible news. RIP.
  17. I’ve always wondered why he didn’t sue Shane MacGowan for the royalties to Fairytale of New York, considering the Pogues admitted ripping off the intro from the Once Upon A Time in America theme. Would have been a nice earner every winter.
  18. Watched Big Night last week, with Stanley Tucci and Isabella Rossellini, and Holm has an absolutely bonkers but brilliant part in it.
  19. Sounds interesting. WW2 events have been massively overshadowed by more recent ones in that part of the world for obvious reasons but it had a huge impact, including in Sarajevo. I came across an ancient Jewish cemetery in the hills around the city a few years ago, completely abandoned. There was a thriving Jewish community for centuries, right through the Ottoman period and after, until the Nazis and the Ustase came.
  20. I wonder why this story has been put back into rotation, and by whom.
  21. Nice. It’s a good book. One of the few relatively impartial books by journalists on the subject.
  22. Have you got a recent edition? My copy was published in 1993, with two years of the Bosnian war left to play out! Bloody trigger-happy publishers.
  23. Always thought you cunts were nuts, but then I had a takeaway pint from a pub in Camberwell on Sunday and realised maybe you’ve been right all along.
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