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  1. Tims now comparing their own chief exec to Saddam's henchman. Normal season.
  2. JamieD


    This is normal for a creative player. He can either play conservative passes and have a 95%+ completion rate, or try to create like he does, and have 15 goals and assists in 19 starts, but it would be a big ask for him to have both at this stage.
  3. Was thinking this earlier. Having so much fun taking pleasure in that lot's misfortune right now, I'd hate for us to lose the high ground
  4. To be fair, we all hate the likes of Sutton and Andy Walker and criticise the media for being full of Celtic propagandists. He has always been about pleasing everyone. Don't know why everyone suddenly wants and expects him to start pretending he hates Celtic players when he didn't even in his playing days.
  5. Definitely, my response was aimed at the cunt Magennis, not minimising Thomson's experience. He seems to think he STILL has one over Thomson.
  6. Well, Thomson is now fondly remembered by all fans of the world's most successful club for his hard as nails performance that ended the Scottish career of Premier League star Robbie Keane before it got started and set us on the way to another league title, whereas Magennis is fondly remembered for... having a face like a bag of Maris Pipers? I know who I think had the last laugh.
  7. JamieD


    Not sure if this has been pointed out here already, but Shagger pulling off the save of the season and then shouting "Ah've no touched that man, it's hit the post" is the perfect illustration of the difference in us this season. That's that real win at all costs, crawling through sewage with a bowie knife between your teeth mentality
  8. Good. The only talk of asterisks will be about their last 9 titles if we're crowned champions in May.
  9. This. I mean, Christ, Arsenal's invincibles team had about a million draws. Our dip is not an issue, because we're winning. Winning during your dip in form is the opposite of an issue. It's a fucking dream.
  10. Luck seems to be with us. I had begun to assume luck was a tim.
  11. He's dynamic and brave, which is exactly what we needed and were lacking. Size and experience aren't everything.
  12. Will hopefully go down as iconic as Goram v Van Hooijdonk.
  13. We did not win that sort of game this time last year. Certainly not against that mob. I'm still not daring to dream about the title, but that is the stuff title campaigns are built on. Absolutely buzzing.
  14. Perhaps not, but he has been kicked up and down every park he has played in this season and never hides, never shites it and only responds by trying to create.
  15. We've been second to every 80-20, nevermind 50-50s.
  16. Absolute shite. In the context of our season, the stakes and, especially, the occasion today of all days, it is disgraceful the way we've approached this half.
  17. That's a pretty aggressive line-up from them. Surprised.
  18. I watched it in the Cock Tavern in Smithfield Market, the old London RSC pub, and a fella next to me had a tenner on Edu for first goal. After Edu scored in the first half and it got chopped off he left in a huff and didn't come back for the second half. Must have been a nice surprise when he got home
  19. With Michael Laudrup feeding him, Durie would probably have even scored against the tims!
  20. Think he turned out to be a bit of a lazy cunt at West Ham and Walter probably would have hated him.
  21. He seems to take it well too. His dad would have been banned sine die up here by now.
  22. I liked Alec Cleland a lot. I thought Edu was a much better player than a lot gave him credit for, but he had very patchy form. When he was on song he was much better than average, and that goal is still one of the best moments I have ever had watching Rangers.
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