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  1. Better than Balogun in every aspect apart from pace.
  2. For a while now we've not started games strongly taking most or all of the first half to get into our stride. It's a big difference to the first quarter of the season when we went for the jugular from the kick off.
  3. Trolling with the aim of being divisive and get attention. OP is a knob.
  4. Because she knows that there are cocktards among our support that will still vote for her cult no matter how much she disrespects our club and fans.
  5. Helander is better than him in every aspect of his game except pace. Goldson is better all round. Our other CB's are probably of a similar calibre to him but I'd still take them over him every day as they don't look like Lurch's retarded daughter.
  6. I hate this tactic with the two CB's standing alongside the goalkeeper at goal kicks. Against a pressing team it puts us on the back foot right away.
  7. It will strengthen Gerrard's case to bring in one or two good additions in January. Lundstram would be a candidate.
  8. He's been poor for the last few games imo. If Helander is fit he needs to start.
  9. Yep Kamara was missed from the start. Although I think the person we've missed most in the last couple of weeks has been Ryan Jack.
  10. To some extent but there were several tactical changes that could have been made earlier - Barasic for Bassey, Kamara on, Defoe on. Davis on. Should have been done before we were chasing the game with the clock ticking down.
  11. When everything was going down their right hand side the management should have put Borna on. It was a very very bad call not to do so.
  12. He's young and may well become a top player as he's got lots of positive attributes but he was hung out to dry tonight. Should have been hooked at half time.
  13. They targeted Bassey from the start as the weak link.
  14. What St Mirren did tonight was show the world how to play against us successfully. We need to be better than what we showed tonight.
  15. We miss Ryan Jack more than we probably realise. The midfield had no bite for much of the game and no one was winning the second balls. It only improved with Kamara coming on which was unfortunately too late.
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