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  1. I don't care tbh. If he gets fully over this problem in the next few weeks and then traipses off to play for the tartan trannies potentially risking a new injury or a reoccurrence of the old one and at best doesn't get a full pre season then that's selfish as fuck imho. Especially after the amount of the season he's missed.
  2. I'd be delighted if he doesn't go play for the bigot jakey and the SFA XI and instead gets himself 100% fit for pre-season.
  3. Robert Marshall is a cunt faced old bastard and his boy is a sly sleekit rat. Is the gimp Craig Houston still associated with the club in any way? What about that paragon of virtue Chris Graham, is he still getting a wage from the club or from someone associated with the club? Is he still pulling the strings at Club 1872? We need to cleanse these people from the club.
  4. We rely way to much on Davis even forgetting his age. The only player who comes close to his ability to control a midfield is Jack and his fitness is suspect.
  5. Tbh all else apart Roofe deserves it. It was a fucking stupid challenge which effectively lost us the game. Can you imagine our reaction if an opposing player had done that to McGregor.
  6. Helander is a better player in every way except Balogun is bit quicker. A bad call by the manager tonight.
  7. Arfield is an empty shirt tonight. Bring on Roofe or Hagi and drop Aribo back.
  8. Aribo is a much better player in an advanced position v central midfield. I think it's a reasonable bet we may see Hagi at some point mind you.
  9. No-one would want one of his "special cuddles".
  10. It was a huge mistake and I dearly wish we had pushed for it but you're right. That chance has gone. At least for now.
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