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  1. Does anyone remember someone had a lifesize cardboard figure of Jim Carey in The Mask with Gazza's face on it?
  2. Have you noticed that he has abnormally hairy ankles?
  3. The Erskine bridge jumpers will be landing on other bodies not water
  4. He does a power of work holding up the ball with his back to goal and providing lay offs to players running forward. He's also a master of getting to a 50/50 and winning a foul. He's not on his best scoring form but he brings a lot to the team that no other player we have on the books would. Once he gets one or two goals his confidence will rise and I'd be happy to take any bet that he'll be top scorer this season.
  5. The Beast


    We know very little about this guy other than YouTube videos and the like. Who would he replace in the teams/squads that won these two big games in the last week?
  6. Last 8 would be a major achievement.
  7. Usually the best way to get rid of the tarriers infesting your bar is to put your prices up.
  8. Could someone c&p it for those of us who don't have Twitter?
  9. I'm sick of the perma-offended social-justice-warriors. No-one is condoning domestic violence. People make jokes about all kinds of uncomfortable subjects. These people need to wind their neck in.
  10. When did we become so bloody woke. It was obviously a joke. Lighten up FFS
  11. There will be a lot of women called Bernadette and Theresa with black eyes tonight.
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