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  1. Meh I'd far rather see young Kelly get a chance in that role.
  2. Slow, plodding, unimaginative, hesitant, shot-shy. Hagi is the only shining light.
  3. That was his best game last night but it was still only a 6/10 performance being generous. He shown nothing to suggest that he is good enough to be a midfield first pick going forward. At best he is emergency cover.
  4. With Helander injured he is. Or would you like a Balogun/Simpson pairing?
  5. Tbf they are far from the worst team we will see at Ibrox this season. We should still be beating them by at least 2 goals though.
  6. Disappointed that Stephen Kelly isn't on the bench, I'd like to see him in the Lundstram role.
  7. I hope they make a better job of it than the last few signings.
  8. And how much has the student population increased (for the native population). Access to a University education used to be something extraordinary that you had to really earn. Nowadays it feels like it's viewed as a right and that "everyone deserves a chance" irrespective of their cognitive ability to study at that level.
  9. Now I understand what the guy was saying I can disagree with him 😃 I think if you asked the Sheffield United fans about how he performed for them you'd get mostly negative feedback.
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