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  1. Great news. His influence and experience is priceless in itself plus he's still very capable as a striker to bring on from the bench.
  2. He's a cunt in so many ways that he takes cuntery to the next level. I hope his team get absolutely slaughtered in every game and that the tartan trannies who travel to London to flash their arses and scrotums at schoolchildren all get the bad aids.
  3. He is one that operation yewtree missed
  4. Donation made. I hope everything works out positively for your wee girl mate.
  5. And those people are still getting paid by the club directly or indirectly. Maggots.
  6. Scotland is dead mate. If you can do so then get out. Leave them to drown in their own nationalist bile.
  7. Would you like to meet me, you may find i'm not such a bad guy. Infact you might even like me, most people do. 

    Stop taking things to heart


    1. The Louden Tavern

      The Louden Tavern

      I'm sorry to here about your families personal tragedy but it was said as a bit of tongue in cheek, my son keeps telling me that online is different from real life and I talk online as I do in real life.

      Someone once called me a spazzy, in a joking way. When he found out one of my family was born Spastic, that was the name for it before all this PC crap, he was mortified as I allegedly have this 'reputation.' which is nonsece I'm a business man.

      i explained to him that I only get annoyed with folk that deliberately try to insult me and the lad still comes into my pub.

      Point I'm making is I would not have tried to take the piss out of your username if I knew the circumstances.

      The offer stills stands, if you are in the pub, introduce yourself and I will buy you a pint


    2. The Beast

      The Beast

      Fair enough. We can call it a truce. I still don't want to go to your pub but I'll let the matter lie here.

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