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  1. Hopefully never have to pay they bastards at Sky another penny ever!!
  2. Sounds expensive! i am hopeless when it comes to all this but have a zgemma H2s in lounge with iptv through wooshbuild that I love nstalled by pushing a few buttons and off the same sub l have it on the firestick in bedroom which does a good job with shite broadband!! £60 the lot never need to do anything with it? Rtv latest movies vod live Saturdays stuff amazing!!! ???
  3. Mines works well,l have on firestick and H2s. you would know if you had wooshbuild when you reboot the box???
  4. http://www.techkings.org/ join this,search zgemma,send Wooshman a private message and he will put you onto his man? Let me know if he wants to know who recommended you and l will give you ref???
  5. Don't know!!! whatever l have on wooshbuild off of Wooshman!!! £40 worth????
  6. Don't know it. l have a zgemma H2s with iptv loaded on wooshbuild with Rangers TV all loaded and works fantastically well! my tinternet is mediocre as l have no fibre in my area yet. good luck???
  7. Watched it today on zgemma iptv? Perfect picture apart from when Rtv played up at their end for a couple of minutes???
  8. 2 snippets of info? Sweet Compmany. 7.40 Galway (reserve that will get in) 20s Librisa Breeze 3.0 Goodwood Tuesday 9/2 source for the oirish one has gave me 3 from 3? Due a loser? Source for 2nd one, the jockey!!!? Good luck???
  9. Put Simon May into Facebook,he runs a good maintenance page if your struggling. i have firestick with basic add ons as back up but nothing beats my zgemma!! added iptv via remote and it's fantastic so far??? Pm me if you need help???
  10. I guess it's how you state your case and to whom! Anyone else had any success????
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