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  1. The gift that keeps giving 😂😂
  2. But if they did that who’d wet all there yfronts and make there minds up for them that he’s done ?
  3. The reason I hate Brock and didn't want him in mma was not snobbery apart from the guy being a complete tool I think the wwe things discredits the sport. But in hindsight it worked out proving that good tecnique beats raw power on most ocasions
  4. I would hate that it was bad enough when Brock came into mma
  5. Hughes stand up has improved but still very basic and not enough for Penn but bj has become predictable. Just hope it's a good card because were due 1
  6. a hope ian black breaks his neck the dirty wee rat.
  7. This team just don't quit that's why were champions
  8. Mkger ur a nob it was a crap challange with no intention to play the ball if that had been kevin Thompson would craig Thompson been so shy
  9. Yeah was was rubbish but he's well overdue an average performance .
  10. He's been toiling since champs league but he's got 2 weeks now to get his head right
  11. Superb was laid off the week the 3 match packs whent on sale seen this thread and got my own seat for both games cheers m8
  12. The most inteligent true footballer in the spl will always be missed slow start to the season or not
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