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  1. Always disgust me the favourable treatment Yorkshire terriers get in this country
  2. 😂😂normal reaction to be fair the boys obviously a decent player but if anyone can make him regress it’s snuss McPherson
  3. You should be banned for being an overweight virgin
  4. He’s not going to shag you ya creepy bastard
  5. He’s getting his head punched in
  6. Beaton shat it again an absolute disgusting challenge from the taig first half
  7. Fragile as fuck and cracks paper over for a treble without actually winning league 😂 standing on top of Scottish football sixteen points behind Rangers finishing bottom of there europa league after being pot one 😂
  8. This taig team are fragile even if they do win they are on a serious decline
  9. Stubbs will be in charge by Thursday
  10. Love there pain 😂 I’ve missed it too
  11. 😂😂😂yasssss there’s a cunt on Clyde greeting already
  12. The gift that keeps giving 😂😂
  13. But if they did that who’d wet all there yfronts and make there minds up for them that he’s done ?
  14. Glad you agree it’s probably best you delete you’re account
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