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  1. Call me old fashioned Pedro, But I would rather Rangers fans wore Rangers tops. I would rather Rangers fans never fleeced other Rangers fans. I would rather Rangers fans never made a living off other Rangers fans to the detriment of the club. I would rather Rangers fans never spread misinformation to other Rangers fans in an attempt to line their own pockets. My opinion on the RST is mellowing as I actually have a little faith in guys like Eskbank, but there is still that influence from a departed board member and profiteer. Then we have the co-opted board member who no one knew before 2011-12 who suddenly appeared from nowhere. You only live in Edinburgh FFS, have you been in a coma the last 20 years and conveniently forgot the history of the RST ?
  2. You could take a shite on the back seat of a McGills bus too.
  3. That is your prerogative, I just thought you were less gullible. If I was to sell you an item that I was able to produce for £10, but charged you £33, would you be happy with that if I promised to give £7 of my £23 profit to the RST ? Even though you have no idea if that £7 ever gets to the RST ? But anyway, you charge on mate. You should buy some SoS gear too, Craig needs to fuel his narcasism Bentleys and Jaguars
  4. you need to up your game if you want to post in this section. you nearly cracked a yoke there.
  5. He has more medals than most Pros and he has played in a European final, It's hard not to doff your cap to the big chap. In all his time at Rangers I can't recall an opponent giving him a hard time, not the best footballer, but a decent no nonsense defender who carried Aiden McGreedy around in his back pocket. and he went to a non denominational school.
  6. You seem awfully obsessed by Big Kirk, any particular reason. Home Ec was for dullards, Food and Nutrition was the Dugs hairy gonads.
  7. Of course I am right and you were wrong, you made a cunt of yourself. Calling someone a nappy ripper or Declan does not make you a keyboard hardman, I am just a particularly good judge of character. How do you go from asking someone to say things to your face to "As for the where and when bit...fucks sake, schools out." You really are a strange character. As far as insults go, I am up there with the best, Have you seen the Cockwomble thread ?
  8. Shares are not readily available, If fans want to buy shares they can buy them in their own name when and if that opportunity arises. If the RST want to get money to Rangers then just give it to Mr Gilligan, he is doing the rounds looking for it. If you want to buy the RST alternative merchandise cheap tat, then why not just send the money directly to the bank account of e-mail hacker, cheque bouncer and guy who takes subscriptions for a monthly fanzine and then doesn't produce any. seems simple enough to me.
  9. IT seems obvious to me that the club need money now and can't really wait until a share issue, so it would be great for an organisation such as the RST to get money to the club sooner rather than later. So why wait ? Is strengthening the RST position more important to the RST than actually helping the club ? Bearing in mind that, in their opinion the club is "In the right hands"
  10. Papes and nappy rippers don't understand that, they believe we are heathens and atheists. did I come across as a Key Board hard man there ?
  11. A non denominational one, similar to probably over 80% of the UK. Fantastic education system.
  12. I went to a non denominational school if that helps, Protestant schools do not exist, We are not a cult and we not brainwash children. Why do you believe I come across as a keyboard hardman, can you point me in the direction of anything, anywhere where I claim to be a hardman ? You seem oblivious to the reformed faith, Can you point me to anywhere in the Old and New Testament where it says I need to attend church to be a Protestant ? What do you want me to say to your face and when do you want me to say it ? Keyboard hardman.
  13. To be fair, its generally the same Trolls who destroy every thread, But in the same respect, did you just come on here to tell us why you don't come here. cuntish behaviour in the extreme.
  14. Stop it. sensible posts are not allowed. It never ceases to amaze me how so many people who have never played football suddenly become football experts, We have more Pep Guardiolas on here that there are Chartered Accountants on Kiddyfiddler Street
  15. As many times as I see fit you cowardly little wank.
  16. I am worried.......................... That there are too many nappy rippers on this forum.
  17. Both counts ? Are you drunk you cowardly little gimp?
  18. What school did you go to? Are you sure a Rangers forum is the place for you Declan.
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