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  1. Whittaker offered to be our highest paid player? Are you havin a fuckin laugh?
  2. Who are you to tell anycunt what to do on here? Rampant little faggot.
  3. Download league of legends it is a highly addictive and very enjoyable free game. Its very hard to begin with but once you master the basics its brilliant so do the tutorials. 5v5 online multiplayer - top notch
  4. Me and a pal were looking into it was 110 for flights n accommodation arriving saturday leaving sunday
  5. Would be a brilliant idea and epitomise the rangers support in a way that perhaps hasn't been done before. Let's help each other! Admin get this sorted x
  6. I reiterate this... I love u all and what a cunt of a hangover am gona have in work xxxxx
  7. We may argue and squabble about signings, ownwers, matches... Howeever.. Today is a day where we are brothers and sisters in harmony. Seriously, I may be pished but I mean this... Everyone on this site I wish I could cuddle every one of yous. Through evbeuthing this season we have come out on top, so my brothers and sisters, everyone of you... A kiss from me... X
  8. The guy is duling iidiot!! Anyuway iom not conetrating on that prick!!!7 3 in a row, my BROTHERS and SISTERs I love you all. My extended family, I mean it, congratulatopons to everyone!!!! Xxxxxxx
  9. I'm sure there are more bears than killie fans in that stadium
  10. I'm sure there are more bears than killie fans in that stadium
  11. I'm wearing one, got it outside ibrox at the utd game
  12. Yeah you can mate phone vodafone and get a PAC code and give it to o2. Alternitavely I can set you up on a contract at 15 pounds per month as I work for a network.
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