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  1. I know mate but its just we need some investment just now but i know what you mean by living within our means. watp
  2. Im sure walter smith spoke about this in an interview and he said that murray park is a training facility and not a youth development centre . But maybe with everything else lately theres been not a lot of money invested ie coaches etc
  3. Whats wrong with them ?
  4. True but all clubs run on credit in some form .
  5. Hi fellow bears , unfortunatly this is 1 of these doom and gloom topics in which im raising. as the tranfer window has opened and were expecting to lose jelvic and a few others from sales and loans. i dont expect us to do any other business than loan deals. this is because of the tax case hanging over us and nobody will give us credit ie banks as adminastration hangs over us if we lose. dont forget if we get a few million for jelvic it might not be an upfront payment it could be over instalments . until the tax case is settled we wont buy anybody so lets hope we can bring in a few decent loan
  6. Mcgregor broadfoot goian boca wallace davis edu mckay wylde
  7. Remember we couldnt sell cousin to fulham for the same reason.
  8. Lets be honest , would you not be dishearted if you couldnt get a game watching the form of certain players. plus apart from goian and boca our signings havnt been great.
  9. We cant even sign players on free transfers from the spl ie conway we have no credit thats why were financially fucked. lets hope im wrong but dont stop believing watp
  10. Reminds me of season 05/06 we sell the decent players and replace them with shite ie sandaza for jelavic or some houndran player who we kidding . we just have to get used to it for ths time being .
  11. Mcgregor broadfoot goian boca papac davis edu tbk aluko lafferty jelavic
  12. Was thinking the same mate
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