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  1. Hey mate - can only assume from your like you agree with me?

    Honestly I am thinking about chucking the forum, I just cannot take the negativity from some any more -  Its almost like they cannot wait for some our players to fail.  This one is pish, that one is a liability - I honestly thought we were really good 1st 45.

    Fucking pray we win it will be a frenzy otherwise.

  2. "That's not mean. Mean is when I made Jess Mancini ride her bike home after I ass fucked her."

  3. Alrighty Garry. Aye it's good like, spend a fair bit of time on it.

  4. The cry was NO SURRENDER!

  5. Aye mate, hes one of ma dads good pals. Dont always go tho as i know folk form the bridgeton 51 bus, but the DL bus is good to

  6. I'm seeing double!


  7. Hi!

    No thanks :]


  8. Hi!

    No thanks :]


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