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  1. Foderingham; Polster, Helander, Edmundson, Barisic; Docherty, Aribo, Halliday; Hastie, Defoe, Stewart If all fit and available
  2. At the end of the day, it’s only Aberdeen, they’re significantly worse than they were last season. We’ve now got the psychological edge as well after last night’s hounding. We’ll win this no bother.
  3. Need to get a video of that Wilson tackle on GMS, I cheered that just as loudly as I did the goals
  4. I expect us to beat them tbh, McCann knows better Wes: Tavernier, Alves, McCrorie, John (if fit): Jack, Dorrans (if fit), Holt: Miller, Morelos, Candeias
  5. Vladimir Weiss just tweeted that we've made the wrong decision and Pedro deserved more time Wee baldy cunt.
  6. Aye they seem to have hit a poor patch, mate, suppose we'll see what he's all about now the pressure is properly on him to turn it round. A potential Rangers manager in my eyes, always liked big Gio. Probably not his time just now though.
  7. I think a lot of that came down to bitterness from players who were deemed surplus to requirements. Not to mention we live in a country where the media can't wait to stick the knife in to us, any mole hill will be made in to a mountain when it comes to Rangers Definitely agree with you on the home record though. And the big games. He should have went after Progres.
  8. I know myself how much of a long shot it is - but my number one choice would be Van Bronckhorst, has worked wonders at Feyenoord, just can't see him wanting to leave there just yet.
  9. Can't help but feel a bit of sadness as he won us over with his personality and passion But ultimately he was here to win games and he simply wasn't good enough. No hard feelings here, good luck to him. Now we need to appoint the right manager, we can't afford another gamble
  10. I have a feeling for Napoli tonight. 100% record in the league this season, good going. They're class going forward and on the break. That being said, you've got to like the look of Man City so far, like Napoli they're great going forward, some of the football they played on Saturday was mind-blowing! Will be a close game.
  11. "Rangers fans in Belgrade for the 1990 European Cup 2nd Rnd tie v Red Star, a 3-0 first leg defeat."
  12. "Woods celebrates,Gough can't look as McCoist breaks DJs post-war scoring record of 131 goals with a penalty in a 3-0 win v celtic-April 1990"
  13. It's a good game for us that one, means a team or maybe teams close to us will be dropping some sort of points celtic will beat Dundee about 5-0 but, Dundee are rotten
  14. Gaz52

    FIFA 18

    Demo is fucking rotten, feels so robotic and the midfielders are non-existent
  15. Most players balls it up, I think it's cause it's unnatural, it's hardly like he's ready to go and play a game of football. He'd just been through hours worth of traveling, paperwork, medicals etc. Then they throw a ball to him in front of thousands of people and expect him to be a performing monkey (no pun intended) Not every player is skillful with a football, if a team signed someone like Chiellini, it'd be a great signing but you wouldn't expect him to start doing rainbow flicks and around the worlds when he's being unveiled
  16. Liverpool reportedly sign Naby Keita but he won't join until the start of next season
  17. Surprised Shelvey wasn't in Charlottesville last night
  18. They're just kicking fuck out Alli now, idiots
  19. Shelvey is a fucking moron man Baldy thug
  20. Add Benfica to that and I agree. Benfica are huge.
  21. Arsenal are missing their two main centre backs but even still, that's League One standard defending tonight, not good enough for a team who claim to be title contenders
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