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  1. Worked just fine, just quoted number and the bird at TO printed adult ticket no bother
  2. Cheers mate, think we are away to do it. Will it matter if I put the season ticket in my name or not? Will they check? I hope I'll just have to quote my number and that's that.
  3. I just phoned mate and was told that child's half season tickets are eligible for OF ticket - but will they a) give me the ticket when I go to TO and try realise I'm not a child? And b) will I get in ground with it?!
  4. Do you know if this will work mate or how it works?? They are only selling from TO now, I'm 21 so surely if I go with a child's season ticket they'll tell me to get to fuck haha?? Desperate for a ticket. What were you saying about upgrading it? Cheers
  5. Seriously unlucky! Guess it evens itself out though like everything - Stricker could have snuck a half but it lipped out on 18th. Can't pick 8 winners for tomorrow though to be honest... I can't see the US not picking up 4.5 points between Mickelson, Z Johnson, Kuchar, Bradley, Furyk...
  6. Poulter Can't help feel if Colsaerts had a little luck with his putts/approach shot at 18 that a half there could have been vital... However still in with a chance!
  7. Used to be so into playing clubs!
  8. to be fair that's probably a group they'd have wanted, don't know why everyone wanted them to get the groups with the illustrious teams
  9. Kolarovs delivery has been soooo fucking shite!!!
  10. Need over 2.5 goals on this game, could have had 3 already to be honest. Come on!!
  11. His usual self is one of the first names on the team sheet imo and has been since the turn of the year. Great player, destroys oppo moves well and keeps it simple. Had a slow pre-season however, but again will be vital to us i think.
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