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  1. Admin you can lock this thread......thought it might be too much to ask for a mature response to this request, with our club moving forward it's a shame some individuals can't!! Thanks for the positive replies....it is appreciated!!
  2. Sort code and account number?
  3. Bloody hell.....great shout
  4. I really hope so....thanks and I will do
  5. Had a little bet with myself to see whether the first reply would be a serious one or not. I won......
  6. Can any fellow bears help me with information on how to get a lad I used to coach at Notts County a trial with the club? He's currently on trial at St Mirren and impressed in their last game, he's not got an agent so doesn't have access to a wealth of contacts. He really is a superb player and would really thrive in the environment being created at the club right now, would just like to see him get the opportunity to show how good he is. Thanks in advance
  7. Worked well for him, the key reason for him leaving was the appointment of two Co-directors of Football that would take all recruitment responsibility away from him. Personally I would love to see him here, certainly I would much rather him be considered over the dross we are usually linked with.
  8. Here's a little taster for you though http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/nottingham-forest/10550902/Billy-Davies-thriving-under-Nottingham-Forests-siege-mentality-as-West-Ham-await-in-The-Cup.html
  9. That's not going to be printed now is it......in time it will all come out.....but sacked just 2 points off the playoffs and failure to secure a job despite his apparently "good reputation". I work within professional football in England and this "event" with Davies is well known in those circles. Having said that, I would take Warburton in a heartbeat....moneyball mentality to recruitment and extensive scouting contacts. Brentford have achieved great things on a shoestring the last couple of years.
  10. Warburton had Frank McParland as DOF at Brentford
  11. Davies should be nowhere near our club.....sacked twice at Forest, second time for financial misdemeanors that were kept out of the media by the chairman. Precisely the character we DON'T need polluting our club.
  12. Love the fact people are talking about my ends on a Rangers forum. I went Queensbury School looool, never knew there was a Rangers team in Dunstable
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