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  1. Depends on how long your save will go on. Max Norman Williamson from one of the Scandinavian teams is a quality player in my save, I’m about a year in mind.
  2. They can't hire Strachan, public showers are all closed off due to CoVID.
  3. I'm in SkyKeep now! Love this game. Love, love, love, love, love, it.
  4. Not long finished getting the sword cleansed No back to Faron Woods... yay.
  5. Aye. This is supposed to be the first Link and Zelda from which the rest are ancestors/reincarnations. Took me about 3 hours to get into it properly but I pissed about on Skyloft for a while. I'm still trying to get time to finish it. The joys of having a baby. I love this game. Almost as much as Ocarina. And I've not had much bother with the motionplus. Had to re center it a few times but no real issues at all. I think I'm in love with it... I played it for 7 hours solid yesterday (eyes are fucked now) and I'm in the Mining facility thing. One thing that's annoyed me is, if the surface worl
  6. Worked it out for myself. I'm guessing the Skyloft place is above Hyrule? So I'll be an ancestor to link I suppose? Just about to go into the first temple, but since the Wii isn't mine I've been kicked off it. This game could take me a few weeks...
  7. Played for about half an hour and I've just got my sword! Will take some getting used to, and I take it the story is completely different from Ocarina of Time? Like, this Link isn't the same Link?
  8. We've got Panda bears in Edinburgh...
  9. I've bought my mum a Wii for Christmas and I'm seriously considering buying this ... for myself. Is it good aye? How does it compare with Ocarina of Time?
  10. I don't understand the criticism of this game! It's bloody brilliant, the cinematic scenes are brilliant, there's great character development and it's just fun watching the story unfold. For me, the combat is a secondary in the game - I'm playing to find out what happens so far. When it opens up I think it will get better, but so far I'm just enjoying it for what it is! Wonderful game.
  11. First time I've played a Final Fantasy game, and it's pretty good. The story is brilliant and I'm getting drawn in even if the combat system is a bit boring and repetitive. I'm trying it like a film tbh.
  12. ScottBF2

    f1 2010

    Got it delivered today! No doubts about what I'll be doing then
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