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  1. Every time I see that Miles Teller I think of Ross Perry, same stupid faces.
  2. Hope Gerrard rips the cunt to shreds in the post-match. That cunt Crocker is a fud as well. Right after Morelos goes down "I wonder what his reaction will be".
  3. Tav Goldson and Kent will be away with England mate.
  4. Walk out your door and drop a few coppers, that’ll get Mark Dingwalls attention.
  5. I’ll be watching the LCF with interest. Hoping for a cagey match, into extra time and a freshness from us on Wednesday. I don’t fear Livingston, but getting over the line is the hardest thing to do when winning a Championship and anything that gives us an advantage should be welcomed.
  6. Always loved singing this one at the games:
  7. Found it a bit strange that JD started clapping during that, but a great watch nonetheless.
  8. Just them talking. Think it’s a sort of comms and co-comms gig for them.
  9. Seen the video there, honestly comes across like a hostage plea video. Time to move on. I’m convinced that this is being treated differently to the JJ and GE incident though - think GE was unlucky to be caught in the crossfire of that one.
  10. We’ve ruined them. He’s saw us celebrating at their midden and jumped ship because he knows he couldn’t handle it. Vermin from top to bottom at that club and I’ll love it when the titles secured.
  11. There’s not a team like Nchanga Rangers, no not one...
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