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  1. Was Tam Forsyth not from half way against the tarriers?
  2. ScottBF2

    FIFA 21

    Team's alright, packed Salah (untradeable) - gutted as I'm no a fan but he's 400k worth of player. Shift to a 4-4-2 in the game, Adama RB, AS-M up front with Jimenez - looking to get Firmino in next.
  3. Well that’s ironic
  4. Youth set up is now starting to earn money is how I see it. If we get a whiff that the players aren’t looking to stay on or aren’t good enough we’re best to get some cash for them rather than hang onto them like we did with Steven Lennon and that. take the money and move on.
  5. They can't just remaster those games IMO. Downloaded them a while back (the originals are on GOG right now as well) and they haven't aged well just in terms of the game mechanics. They'd need to do a ground-up remake of it, kinda like the Mafia game, to make it worthwhile for today's gamer.
  6. Was having a good day a few weeks back then one of my mates reminded me that Pedro Caixinha was our manager for a period, totally ruined the rest of the day.
  7. I’d imagine he’s being brought up on ‘implied bias’, which the hearing panel could very easily swing as true. They could potentially make a case that Gerrard was saying Clancy is biased against Morelos/Rangers and that only if we/Morelos had committed the foul then it would’ve been a red card offence. Any decent argument from us would rip that thought process to shreds, which is why I think we'll struggle to overturn the citation. We’re fucking useless.
  8. What's the latest then, I assume the compliance cow is looking at it?
  9. I don’t think I started it but I did say it’s all I could see when folk were posting it in another thread. Mackie Jackamara or some shite. Will take the ban for it though.
  10. Need to get back the winners mentality that made us who we are, less of this hard done by pish. We’re Rangers, the only team that beats us is us - defeat is failure.
  11. “We are Rangers men and the club means everything to us” Weird fucking fan fiction pish is this?
  12. ScottBF2


    He was one of our most productive players today and, along with Kent, was willing to have a dig from outside the box. Might be one of these players who doesn’t play well coming off the bench and is always better as a starter. Not overreacting but his performance today was very good
  13. There’s never not a good thread to post that in mate, wire in.
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