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  1. Send a donation to the SLO or his da, that'll do it.
  2. Heard it’s all the ugly fans who got tickets for the Livi game, must be us handsome folk who are getting OF tickets. Unlucky lads.
  3. Least the socks make sense, the blood is up to the knees now.
  4. Scott Wright enhances any photo
  5. A like it. On a side note I lost all vision last night.
  6. Be very surprised if there's not a fourth kit, the Moses McNeil tag on the collar was a dead giveaway IMO.
  7. I genuinely thought you were wanting Gerrard to explain it for a minute there.
  8. It’s one of the scenarios where I think a United Scottish Football statement should be issued, whether formally or by the fans, and call this out. This is a decision that needs to be explained by the government.
  9. If it's allowed and I'm successful in getting one I'll donate my ticket for charity troops.
  10. See, here's the thing - it isn't.
  11. Folk genuinely can't see beyond their Unionist ideals at times, it's scary. I'm a strong believer in the Union, but will you fuck see me ever supporting England - there are next to 0 circumstances where I want to see them well. Even when I was put off supporting Scotland I still wanted England to lose every game they play. I would want English fans to feel the same way for us.
  12. Rangers fans who support England over Scotland are the same as tims who support Ireland IMO. If you're English, fair enough, if you're not Scottish, fair enough. Don't support Scotland if you don't want to, but actively choosing to support England is wee guy patter.
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