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  1. Look forward to seeing you modelling. I'd prefer the CR Smith one if I had to choose.
  2. Need to prove they're yours. Otherwise folk will think you're a tim that's at it. Not my rules, I just follow them.
  3. Need to post a picture of you wearing one and pointing at the other to prove it mate.
  4. I got a few: Burke, Gravesen, Larsson, Roberts...
  5. ScottBF2

    FIFA 21

    Signed Rashford to play RM to accomodate Tav, miles better than klaiber, might revert back to Robben and Klaiber though and bring Tav on in holding mid.
  6. I have never seen anyone use bookmarks the way you use them. Bet your organise your tins alphabetically.
  7. What makes you think Griffiths and Brown don’t need to isolate?
  8. Hope Magennis gets his cunt kicked in firmly after this, by Thomson or anyone else. Horrible rhat bastard.
  9. Traumatic as fuck for KT though, can tell just by his response. The article was a tough as fuck read as well. Hope this cunt gets done.
  10. I'm not a Davis fan by any stretch of the imagination but he's been quality all season.
  11. Only just stopped earning his wage from us, took his shares happily as well. Cunt.
  12. Only just stopped earning his wage from us, took his shares happily as well. Cunt.
  13. Should go across the keeper IMO. Hits it straight at him.
  14. ScottBF2

    FIFA 21

    Can’t speak for other folk, but naw. Grind like fuck whenever I can, it’s addictive as fuck.
  15. ScottBF2

    FIFA 21

    Got to Div 1 the other day on Rivals and finished the weekend league 20-10, feel as if I’m absolutely shite at the game though.
  16. Big performance needed, we’re as short as we’ve been all season. Win this and it’s a huge step towards 55
  17. A phrase heard commonly in the CFC changing room.
  18. I don’t know how I feel about him personally, but as a player I fucking love him. Dont know if I’ll ever be able to forgive the ones who left us high and dry.
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