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  1. Was going to say Arteta but looks like he was never capped
  2. An assist and a peach of a goal today
  3. Before covid I would normally see him in the pub bogarts in kirkcaldy drinking his half pints. Hes always fairly quiet but a few years ago met him in the pub after my grans funeral, he knew I was awe of him so he was over talking away putting a smile on me. As many have said already, what a great man.
  4. George is now at Woodys in palmanova
  5. I was told on Wednesday that bomber was down looking at premiership boys
  6. Looks a right diamond, it was bomber out in Croatia scouting him
  7. The moffat was in fine voice last night, same goes for the hotel pre-match
  8. Outstanding, no fucking about with that.
  9. Same night, I had gave up trying to find it in the pubs so walking back to the buses few of us spotted it in a living room window. The couple were laughing away but turned it over at 9 for the apprentice.
  10. More tickets available than usual as they're giving us 3 stands
  11. Not sure if they've had guys leaving but they signed Leicester's young player of the year couple days ago, was their top goalscorer I think
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