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  1. Worked for Rangers years ago and for months he would turn up with a female who we just assumed was his wife. Then after a while he turned up with his actual wife and introduced us. Was one of the most awkward moments ever. What a player on and off park
  2. Anyone know if it’s back open ? I know it was open Saturday but not sure if that’s because it was match day.
  3. Sorted now through supporters bus
  4. Have they sold out now I tried buy one and im Silver
  5. You won’t be able to see Colin they have put a banner thing up now sadly that was my plan also
  6. Now tv do a day pass which includes premier sports for £10 if it helps
  7. He did play in Alan Mclarens testimonial for us
  8. It’s embarrassing people jumping to conclusions. As I said wait till actual evidence before throwing bricks at our players
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