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  1. He did play in Alan Mclarens testimonial for us
  2. It’s embarrassing people jumping to conclusions. As I said wait till actual evidence before throwing bricks at our players
  3. Can admin remove this thread until actual evidence comes out please
  4. “ We love you nnamdi we do “ repeat several times
  5. Aye mate defo those two. I thought we confirmed Wright earlier but obv not
  6. He’s the master of shithousery
  7. His positioning and ability to read the game makes up for his lack of speed which isn’t massively slow. He reminds me of Davie weir
  8. Hopefully these bastards get a massive fine. A don’t want them deducted points I can’t be arsed listening to them greet and make excuses about it. Over to you sfa and spfl. Hardly doubt they will though
  9. 100 percent it’s currently them
  10. Scum bastards. It was a memorial for those that made the ultimate sacrifice including their players. Now painted over with terrorist graffiti. Every day this lot make me feel physically sick
  11. From a rangers family claims to be a Everton fan. Lasley or Ross will be good for them
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