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  1. Disappointed to lose the two goals obviously but look at big picture we are top of the group. Gave as good as we got against on paper the best team in group. We are just getting greedy if your gutted with us dropping points twice. It’s still well in our hands to go through. One win and we have qualified. Outstanding start. Keep the heads held high
  2. Not sure at all how the rule works
  3. Suppose mate but not sure if Middleton counts as he was developed in England with norwich
  4. Think we need stewart for European squad due to the home rule rule or what ever you call it. That’s reason he’s in the squad in first place. Would love to see Jones back at killie and edmunson loaned out aswell to another spl club
  5. I’m same came up not enough memory or some shite when it loaded
  6. Huge game no excuses for not winning. We need to put even more pressure on these cunts
  7. Bit of tongue n cheek sorry if that escaped you bill
  8. The pessimistic side of me thinks they might be doing this to get league cancelled. Because how many warnings the Scottish league has had. Let’s face it. It’s the only way they can stop us winning league now
  9. Turnbull has been training with Celtic squad after testing positive. All over Twitter just now the pics etc. Massive punishment coming their way aswell hopefully. Keep the good news coming.
  10. i can use web fine and dont have a twitter anyways just want a sat nav on it lol
  11. does any 1 own a blackberry torch or knows how 2 work 1? i recently got 1 and i dont know if i can get sat nav on it? do u need 2 download sumthin? i had a nokia and had ovi maps on that which woz minted and free cheers guys n gals if use can help
  12. from players i have actual saw. goram gough laudrup gazza mols(before injury)
  13. as its old firm eve. can someone post up videos that get them pumped up before the big game.
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