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  1. city centre a no go zone drug deals getting done out in the open aggressive beggars all over the town centre rubbish getting dumped all over the place grooming gangs in govanhill not safe to walk out after dark but spending resources on Rangers fans not going to parkhead no one was league was won why dont they investigate the child paedo ring at the paedodome respect the law lost all respect for the police corrupt and useless
  2. Wish some reporter would ask how come cricket fans in INDIA attend the games and the virus is twice as deadly to them this virus will allways be here if you want to stay in and isolate do that but let the rest of us make our own choices
  3. long ball easily offended can only win on plastic grass Clark a cert for the job i hope so to cant stand the cunt
  4. better player than he was giving credit for was sorry to see him go
  5. over Ibrox and the city fuck flying over there shit hole unless your dropping bombs to kill the child abusers
  6. Could we bring forward the league matches seems crazy to not play a game on a blank weekend
  7. Alfie conn made it even worse when he signed for the child abusers
  8. Rangers are loosing money with corporate hospitality programs food outlets don't hear us complaining fuck them charity begins at home
  9. Hate the cunts there record against the paedos is shocking don't try a leg against them cheating cunts
  10. McLean best crosser of a ball I have seen at Rangers picked a player out and dropped it on his head
  11. Should have never left but can understand why with the manager we had at the time
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