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  1. long ball easily offended can only win on plastic grass Clark a cert for the job i hope so to cant stand the cunt
  2. better player than he was giving credit for was sorry to see him go
  3. over Ibrox and the city fuck flying over there shit hole unless your dropping bombs to kill the child abusers
  4. Could we bring forward the league matches seems crazy to not play a game on a blank weekend
  5. Alfie conn made it even worse when he signed for the child abusers
  6. ex services club across from the station
  7. Porridge Fletcher talking about mad Rangers fan can't mind exactly what he said
  8. A bookies in Dundrum Dublin Ehiogu scored also had the big man at 40s for first goal
  9. Star and garter near the railway station keep away from the queen Anne
  10. Hope the club only takes 1800 tickets of them
  11. They took 6000 to hamdump against the paedos but want 200000 tickets for us despise this club more than aberdeen partick thistle have took more points of the paedos than they have over past 15 years shocking there record against them there stadium is a death trap how it has a safety licence amazes me will never set foot in there hole of a ground again dont let us down Rangers
  12. Albertz against hearts midweek game at ibrox very last kick of the game think it was 94th minute broke a seat celebrating
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