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  1. 1 hour ago, Iakona said:

    Following on from the Ex Youth Player thread... I thought some people might be interested in this. It's from 2011 and is a follow up to a series from the early 2000's, basically was following the progress of our youth set up. Shows the highs and lows of trying to make it at Rangers. (Charlie Adam, Chris Burke, Jordan McMillan)

    Please be warned the image quality isn't great, if you know of a better quality one please fire over a link.


    Thanks very much for posting. A good watch and maybe something all the youngsters at Auchenhowie should be made to watch. Love another Barry Ferguson to amerge next season 

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  2. 11 minutes ago, magic8ball said:

    If they ain’t mocking it then sure as shite if bears had done the same the headlines would say so 

    Thought we were on lockdown and no meeting up ,Surely there should be fixed penalty notices fired out to each and every one of those rat catching soap dodging cunts 

    Forget the fixed penalty and go to 10 years torture followed by execution. Scum of the planet. 

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  3. 14 hours ago, murzo said:

    Yeah he’s the best of the three. Comes across well and is fairly balanced with his views. 

    But hungover this morning. Assuming you're being hugely sarcastic

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  4. As much as I hate Radio Scotland and some of the bitter morons on there like Michael Stewart,  couldn"t resist tuning in for the live interview to hear what the liar had to say for himself. 

    Worse than I expected. Not only did he refuse to take questions from anyone other than Gordon, who was predictably useless at asking the questions that needed answered, or pushing him when he needed to be pushed. He then refused to then answer a number of questions and when he did answer a question, he did so in a typical politicians way, ie answering another question!

    Disgraceful shyster of a human being. 



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  5. Agree with a lot of the comments above. Unfair if TC members with max points start with more points than say a supporter who has attended just about every home game in the last 5 years ( if the 5 year period rumour is true. ) Fairest way might be to start everyone from scratch. Definitely every fan deserves a shout at cup final tickets. 

  6. 'Club Loyalty' or 'Membership' scheme COULD be an excellent thing if the club get it right. All depends on the fee and the list of benefits on offer.  Let's say £25 or £30 a year with a discount in club shop ( St Enoch not Ibrox ), the right to apply for tickets for European and domestic away games plus say a free ticket for home friendly.  

  7. I don’t know if I’ve ever wanted anything so badly than Rangers to have the necessary evidence to bring the SPFL down, Force Liewell to resign from all his positions and bring down the others Doncaster, MacLennan, McKenzie and the Dundee arse. How can UEFA appoint that cunt to their board when they’ve charged his own club 19 times or whatever it is. I despise the way professional football is run. Delighted to see our club take this stance. I believe Douglas Park wouldn’t put his name to it without being satisfied the evidence is damming.  If the other clubs don’t see the light or have been ‘pre gm bribed, which is more likely, then fuck em all. I’d then prefer is to move to England and start in tier 12 if needs be


  8. 6 hours ago, doc holliday said:

    Leaked WhatsApp messages appear to show Dundee sporting director John Nelms claiming he was threatened by Dunfermline chairman and SPFL board member Ross McArthur over the SPFL league-ending proposal vote.

    The leaked chat logs – from the same Twitter account which leaked information regarding Dundee’s No vote submission to the proposals – appear to show John Nelms claiming, “I am currently being threatened by Ross McArthur”.

    This is allegedly backed up by Inverness Caledonian Thistle chairman Ross Morrison.


    Rangers News/Newsnow.

    White a shitebag Nelms is then. Where are we Sicily in the 1970’s? 

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  9. 1 hour ago, plymouthranger said:

    His agent has been quoted in the Sun and a couple of foreign newspapers this morning saying Rangers have agreed he'll be sold in summer. 

    Apparently we've agreed to sell if any offers upwards of £17million arrive for him, with a move to Italy by far the most likely outcome. Several clubs in Italy have been watching him in Europe and would be comfortable paying around that figure according to reports.

    Got to say, I see this as the first in a bit of a clear-out over summer if Gerrard looks to go for experience. If we can recoup best part of £40million for Morelos and Barisic, we're still going to have around £30million to play with even after covering the shortfall from this season. 

    As much as i'd hate us to sell him, he's probably the joint highest value asset we have now along with Morelos. What's peoples thoughts in losing one of our best players?

    The sun rarely speaks the truth. That’s a great return if true. Excellent player but slightly injury prone 

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  10. 14 hours ago, ElBufalo20 said:

    Never rated him yet people on here want him to play.

    He’s fine when we’re 4-0 up at Ibrox and comes on but apart from that doesn’t add anything.

    Hung out to dry by SG and Fredo. He’s not a natural centre forward 

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  11. Looking forward to going to the game.

    Always look forward to going to Ibrox.

    First proper season going to Ibrox without an adult for me was 1985-86 when we scraped 5th. Loved every minute.

    Love Rangers.

    The amount of negativity on this thread is sad. Some people just love to turn up to home games for a moan. 

    Do the whingers honestly think the groaning, howling at a mistake spurs the players onto victory?

    Too many chips on shoulders.

    1986 22 thousand v HIVS, 29 thousand v Sheep. Great atmospheres, no Victor Meldrew loyal back then. 

    Mon the Teddy Bears. 

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  12. Hate to see Bears having a go at each other. No need. 

    Anyways, am sure we all agree the number 1 quality required is experience winning as a manager at a high level.

    Also man management as important as coaching at our club. 

    A successful player does not make a good manager. Take Bobby Charlton, McCoist, John Barnes, Alan Shearer, Gary Neville as some examples. 

    Bring back Walter for 2 years. He would command that dressing room and you're dam sure he knows how to win titles. 

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  13. 2 minutes ago, Smell the hotdog said:

    He think's he's worth X we don't think he's worth that and he moves on. These things happen.

    If you start giving the likes of Bates 7 and half grand a week it won't be long before players on less want more and established players on around the same want more. 

    He was the best of a very bad lot, I'd of kept him but I've faith Allen will find us someone better.

    I would imagine 7.5K a week is still one of the lowest paid players in first team 

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