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  1. More evidence that McPake & the Australian are out their depth
  2. Things defo need to improve and fast in terms of performances. Our next 7 games are equally massive I think, for all different reasons: Sparta (A) Hivs (H) : 2nd Hearts (H) : 3rd Brondby (H) St Midden (A) : 8th Aberdeen (H) : 7th Motherwell (A) : 4th Tarriers have Hivs, Motherwell & Aberdeen to travel to in the same period.
  3. Mine too. Solid performance on Wednesday and slightly better again today. Shades of Davis today - playing deeper in between the 2 CH’s at times - but also breaking up the play, moving the ball, getting stuck in and unlucky not to get a goal. A shame Aribo (goal aside) and Kamara didn’t perform otherwise things might have been more convincing. Hope he continues to grow into the jersey over the next few games.
  4. First 25 minutes I thought we were good enough and again more like ourselves but we dropped out of the game until final whistle. Very lucky for the penalty save. Goldson to blame and McLaughlin saved his face - thank fuck. Thought defensively we were very lazy after we got our goal. Slow to move the ball out and making silly mistakes. Still concerned despite being top of the league and getting results. Not sure how we turn it around performance wise and onto a tough game on Thursday v Sparta Prague.
  5. Whilst I agree 100% the midfield has been the crux of our problems this year, your rating of Lundstram today is very, very harsh. He had a very poor start to his Rangers career, I was at the game against Alashkert and gave him pelters for that, but he has been looking more comfortable over the past couple of games - Livingston and today (can’t remember past that). Progress is progress but no progress yet from Aribo & Kamara in the middle of the park this season. It’s a real problem for us this season and we need confidence in that area quickly. That being said, I think all over the park we have been poor this season and too many of our big players haven’t been firing. John Lundstram man of the match.
  6. They are not shy with the challenges Junk Folder FC are they
  7. Hard to argue with this. Possibly McLaughlin as Dundee have had a few chances but Davis will probably get it.
  8. Also Tav agin very poor defensively today. Skint about 10 times this half.
  9. Absolute nonsense mate what fucking game are you watching??? Aribo and Kamara totally dropped out the game for the first 25 mins of this half. Lundstram was the only one getting on the ball, breaking up play etc. He was unlucky not to get his goal. The problem with playing in midfield is if the guys next to you are struggling your job is 10x harder. Out of interest what you giving Aribo & Kamara based on 79 mins today if Lundstram is 3/10?
  10. There’s nothing to suggest that at all. In my opinion we’ve played the same way for 3 years and it’s now predictable and easier for opposition to play against. Stop the crosses coming in from full-backs and sit in tight. Put the centre-backs under pressure with long balls.
  11. Correct - but I wouldn’t be putting money on either of them to grab a winner if were needing it. That being said, the full backs & midfield have created the square root of fuck all for either of them. Still pretty toothless going forward
  12. Defending has been rotten today. So lazy in everything we do. We’re not controlling the game and they are lumping it long every chance they get. We’ve dropped out of it in midfield besides Lundstram who I think has had a decent game and broken up their play a number of times. Aribo & Kamara posted missing.
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