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  1. Superb Rangers. From start to finish a joy to watch. We showed parts of our game today which have been lacking lately - brilliant to a man. Delighted with the front 3 today also - closing down high up the mark makes a massive difference. Great to see Jack back also. Great goal. 8 wins to go, maybe more maybe less but we’re getting there
  2. Hagi has won the ball back 4/5 times now in the final third. Brilliant.
  3. AWW take a bow son! as Andy Gray says Oohhhhhhhhhhh! As Gary Neville says. Superb, what a difference when Aribo gets up and around the box.
  4. Has Clive been furloughed or has lockdown restricted his ability to work for us?
  5. Called Ryan Kent a diddy after the game last week
  6. Same. Superb video, fair play to Jules. Great seeing so many happy memories, success and legends of this football club.
  7. Right up for this, hope the lads are too! 3 points Rangers, a few good goals and a clean sheet.
  8. I’m expecting us to go out and put in as professional performance as we have all season. Get the first goal and get it early, and its easy street from there.
  9. Get it up them. Now for us to go out on Saturday and fight for another 3 points. No excuses for any let up.
  10. Roofe & Jack back for Ross County and we go again. Today will be another shot in the arm reminder that its not over until its over.
  11. Wasn’t great but think he rarely is when playing CM. Needs to be further up as others have said.
  12. JM1872

    Ryan Kent

    Not the worst performance ever by a Rangers player. Thinking Sebo, Dalcio etc but by fuck he doesn’t half bring the critics on to himself. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a player do step overs and knock it out the park with the final one... and its not the first time he has done it. Feel his game is a total contrast to the start of the season. He gets the ball, does a sprint and then passes it wide or into the middle. He doesn’t get in dangerous areas either anymore. There was a lot of talk at the start of the season about him needing to improve his numbers, not convinced he has done th
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