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  1. Tough watch, not great but again promising to not play well and get the win especially on that stage. Now on to Sunday.
  2. Prayin the Buffalo Soldier gets the opportunity for another, just to wrap up this game. Getting edgy as fuck here.
  3. I’d be taking the front 3 off now, and getting Morelos, Aribo and Jack on, push Arfield forward with Aribo. Hagi too slow, Kent miles aff the pace again for about the 4th game in a row and Roofe just not the man for the occasion tonight.
  4. Need tae get the finger right oot our arses here. We are being overrun in midfield and whenever they get the ball just over the half way line with width, Tav & Borna are stepping up and either strikers or midfielders are running in behind them with the rest in tow. Need to wisen up.
  5. If I was in that Lille dressing room I’d be shoutin get him out sharon get him out Jonny David - rank rotten
  6. There is absolutely no plausible reason as to why football should stop as a result of Covid-19. Those who cannot fulfil a fixture should be awarded a loss and it should be left at that.
  7. Lech drew 1-1 at the weekend, sitting in 10th at the moment.
  8. Need to keep it up. Good rotation today, plenty of legs rested and minutes in others. Need to get out on Thursday and get a good result against another tough opponent and then its all attentions to Rugby Park next week which is massive. Another good week this week and it will really reinforce the confidence.
  9. Might do. See what happens between now and final whistle.
  10. Would like to see Kent getting involved in games a bit more again, especially in games like this. Feel he has dropped off a bit of late and hasn’t really contributed.
  11. Big DJ must have had a negative impact on her because she now swings the other way if I remember right.
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