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  1. Sadly something like that isn’t predictable. As a spectator, and one out on the piss at the time, it really hit home. Delighted he appears to be ok. I remember when the teams were coming out I thought to myself “oh, Christian Eriksen is playing. He could run the game here”, and then within 45 minutes this happens. Mad.
  2. Going by Cinch Cars Limited accounts for the year to March 20 it won’t be much. They turned over £90k and made a loss of £15m
  3. What an absolute brass neck. They really are the best in the world at singing about things that haven’t happened yet
  4. McGregor absolutely superb at the end. The raw emotion that we have all felt over the last few months. Class.
  5. Fs. Hopefully we see him at Ibrox next season. Hopefully the Bears in the Hearts dressing room told this cunt where to go. What really infuriates me is that we were by no means playing dirty. This narrative is embarrassing. Roofe’s incident was not intentional, it doesn’t matter if he can peripherally see the keepers movement - his job is to put the ball in the back of the net and that’s what he was trying to do. If the keeper was a split second later off his line or whatever, Roofe could have lobbed him with the same movement and the keeper wouldn’t have gotten hurt. Additiona
  6. Signed. Get him out Sharon, get him out.
  7. Big Goldson Manager’s POTY. Superb - well deserved, as with them all!
  8. If we are going to do anything positive this summer its get Gerrard & his team tied down to a serious commitment. I love the man, give him he wants. We can really go and dominate now.
  9. On Roofe’s Instagram live stream Kemar said to him “sign the deal bro” and he said “I would” or something to that effect. The ball is probably in his court, but unless crowds are back next year we need to watch what we spend unless we Q for the UCL
  10. Good on you mate, tried a couple of times to convince her to up sticks for the train but no success so far
  11. I just said that to the Mrs there; it will take years to set in just what this achievement means to the club. When the expectation is to win every single game, the matter of going a league campaign unbeaten doesn’t seem as huge, but it absolutely is. First time since 1899. I’m currently reading The Gallant Pioneers by Gary Ralston and the 4 pioneers, five if you rightfully include Tom Vallance who’s contribution to our great club should never be forgotten, would have had no idea how big this club would go on to be. First time in over 120 years since the last unbeaten league campaign
  12. Absolutely superb. It doesn’t happen often, but words fail me today. Absolutely fail me.
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