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  1. Phew. Wee bit closer than I would have liked but that’s why we love the game. Anything can happen right up until the scorecards are final
  2. Steady mate, a long while to go yet it seems
  3. I’ve got Matsuyama on as a wee outsider. He’s had some weekend so far.
  4. Aye, thought he was a superb player but comes across as a right dick as a pundit. Read a few things about him as well as a manager/to do with Salford that have been eyebrow raising.
  5. All came from the 2 defenders fannying about at the back in the 92nd minute. Would have loved a crack at Arsenal.
  6. Was the same the round before last. Talking about who they could get in the draw and he was basically saying didn’t matter they were miles better than anything else in the competition, they should be winning the UEL with ease etc.
  7. Superb. Cove causing their own issues. Can’t come to the home of Scottish Champions and play fitba on the edge of the box. Keep it up Rangers.
  8. Definitely need to experience this one year, especially somewhere like Vegas.
  9. VAR upgraded to a red, which isn’t shown in the clip.
  10. Nup, get Balogun aff he’s miles aff it man. No new deal for me.
  11. Fuck these scumbag cunts. Never thought I could feel hate for a club/fans on par with the inbred tarriers.
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