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  1. referees a F*nian fuckin bastard! ruining the game with the constant free kick awarding when there not free kicks! we shouldn't use scottish referees in scotland as their going to be bias to different teams, we should import them from lichtenstein or germany or something
  2. i dont see why people are blaming weiss and bougherra? david weir and sasa papac both came in for the ball which left the back line out of shape and only 2 at the back on the other side of our half basically!
  3. why cant they put the ball down and fuckin keep it ?! fuck sake
  4. no need matey as i have HD today
  5. glasgow rangers champions being belted out , why can't this happen at home games ?
  6. aww aye a think you might need an HD box, probably do, just never thought on that sorry for creating unneccessary excitement - correction- people with HD boxes can watch the game free in HD should they not have the HD package
  7. davis in the middle meh, anyway come on Rangers , also guys remember if you have Sky Sports but not Sky Sports HD, its free weekend including the HD channels
  8. i have sky sports but not ssHD, now i can watch the teddy bears in HD!!!
  9. :lol: this is quality, he resembles an orc or whatever there called from the lord of the rings
  10. repost mate, but even still, you'd be able to tell if it was a celtic fan in disguise with their scummy accents
  11. where the fuck do they get this from? 900million? fuck off news of the world
  12. Scummy Bastards would be gid if the Bursa fans stabbed them and that cause they werent showing the bursa support 'respect' , but nah let them come - its the biggest party they'll have this season anyway even more of a reason to lift the roof with a good atmosphere then!
  13. one day he will win rangers 10 in a row!
  14. Copland rear/front, Govan (will change on wednesday) been in the broomloan mostly and the main stand a few times
  15. hopefully wednesday can be the night! we all need to get behind the team, make our voices be heard and sing for the glasgow rangers
  16. in total theyv scored 8 goals? our strikers scored 8 hisself , nah in all seriousness im not expecting anything huge from rangers, at most a 1-0/2-1 win, itll be close thats for sure.
  17. still can;t understand what actually happened to make the ball gain height
  18. classic goal, some may say he could possibly be better than paddy mccourt, or maybe not we'll have to let some unknown manager from the irish leagues to decide
  19. thats what it said in the daily record today
  20. wouldnt even know where to start mate
  21. not to sure about local ones mate probs not youd be better to go to the rangers bar like booler said, would be the easiest option
  22. isn't such a bad idea to be honest , can't see it happening though
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