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  1. We need to be exerting our ability to the full today and putting these cunts to the sword, along with every cunt that crosses our path over the next 9 games. I want goals, I want records, I want it over the line pronto. Let’s fuckin do this Rangers
  2. 3 points and a convincing performance please for all our sanity. McGregor; Tav, Goldson, Helander, Barisic; Jack, Kamara; Aribo, Hagi, Kent; Itten. Aribo needs to be up and around the box for the 90. We need to get back to pressing high with energy and passing with purpose. Hamilton should have been a wake up call - I’m sure it was.
  3. Aribo is wasted so deep. He NEEDS to be up and around the box.
  4. Think we’ll win by a comfortable margin but it will be tough again. Can’t see us conceding though. Play up the Rangers
  5. How the fuck do ye post pictures again?
  6. Not great, a good spell at the start of the 2nd half in which we thankfully got the goal. St J had a lot of the ball in the last 30. Good to get the 3 points and one game closer.
  7. Getting edgy here. St J bursting a gut with the press and committing more.
  8. Just noticed the lack if ad boards along the Govan there
  9. Morelos is such a miss when he’s out. Hope it doesn’t cost us tonight.
  10. Well feels like they’ve given us half a shift here mate. Something majorly wrong with Rangers & Rangers TV - it’s not a new thing.
  11. Absolutely no testing carried out on RTV it seems. Its not like visitor numbers are a surprise. Pre-requisite for any contract should have been handling the volume.
  12. JM1872


    Defo not accurate. Some are/might be out of sheer luck but other than that, not accurate.
  13. Watched him closely and he was fine.
  14. I like him and needs more time to settle in fully and get in to the swing of it. Big future here I think.
  15. Him & Walker probably been sittin chuggin each other ever since
  16. Crocker’s a fuckin bitter tarrier bastard, every 3 minutes he’s bringin the Morelos incident up.
  17. Gid goal, great flick by Aribo, well done Alfie. Hate that Hibs cunt.
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