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  1. Gary looks like he wishes he had a white handkerchief to wave in the air here
  2. They’ve definitely kissed Dubai to 10 in a row by the looks of it
  3. Absolutely - and it will only get stronger and fitter now with less midweek games. 16 cup finals coming up
  4. It’s a scary scary thought, and admittedly I was one heavily swaying that way. Jan, Feb, Mar 20 seems like yesterday but equally many years ago. We were in a dark place as a support. I think many could see signs of progress, but in terms of domestic form it was the same old. Lead at the top, beat Celtic at NY and then the whole thing collapsed and it was totally unacceptable. To be in that position 2 years on the trot & with Celtic hurdling towards the title again it was a pill many were unable to swallow. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Let’s see where we are come the end of Jan
  5. A looong time since I’ve felt comfortable enough to sing this one
  6. 😂 let you off the hook the day mate.
  7. Whit an atmosphere eh. Mon the fuckin Rangers
  8. Aye the big yins fucked it here. Hard to blame him though given the occasion
  9. Thank fuck for that. Need to dig out the pain killers ma heed is killin me!
  10. Its only a matter of time I feel. Frimpong is being allowed to go from the half way line to the corner of the box completely unchallenged. Tavernier and Barisic are having as ineffective a game as I can remember. Morelos couldnae hold up a post office.
  11. Kent is doing fine. He’s the only 1 of the front three who looks like he can cause any problems for their backline. He is quick & Hagi is slow. There’s a lot to be said there when you are asking players in their position to fill in & track back.
  12. Tone in here has totally changed. Their formation and team selection was ridiculed despite being fairly new. They are flooding the midfield/final third. Also, McGregor needs to be finding a pass with those kick outs, every one has gone out the park.
  13. Absolutely shitting it. Need to win the midfield battle - 100%.
  14. Happy New Year bears Here’s hoping the boys in blue play up tomorrow and make it one to remember
  15. Just in time for the animals on Sat!
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