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  1. Goram Papac Amoruso Gough Numan Laudrup Ferguson Gazza Albertz Mols McCoist Subs. Klos, Cuellar, De Boer, Gattuso, Negri.
  2. If you still have the stuff in small i'd take one of the grandad tops and one of the 2012/13 home shirts?
  3. Science centre car parks not to far away
  4. http://lineupbuilder.com/?sk=b31k6
  5. I'm only going on what i read on the lionbrand twitter so i don't know any actual facts but it says on there that they can't donate money directly as it would breach contracts so they are buy match ticket to donate to less fortunate who perhaps cant afford to go to games and also to ex servicemen etc. Dontating to youth develepment is also mentioned. like i said i don't have facts or proof but it would be could if they could clear this up better.
  6. Don't know the fine details but from what i have read Rangers will get just over £10 from every lionbrand top sold as opposed the the crap £3.50 we are rumoured to get with the sports direct deal. How can this be a bad thing? I have not bought either as yet but surely the one that brings more money into the club makes sense.
  7. Was a total nightmare getting onto m8 last night. Took me an hour to get to royal infirmary and get on my way along alexandra parade
  8. Robinson Sinnamon Faure McGregor Wallace Law Murdoch Walsh Shiels Gallagher Hardie
  9. Robinson Sinnamon Faure McGregor Wallace Law Murdoch Walsh Shiels Gallagher Hardie
  10. We can still do this!! even if it take e.t and penalties. c'mon Rangers!!
  11. Stomachs been churning since friday over this. Just hope we can pull off the shock so i can walk into work tomorrow and get it up all them that told me we were going to get humped.
  12. Hope we can get the loanees back in January and send a messaage to the duds that these performance won't be tolerated. Give the youth a chance, they could'nt do any worse. Robinson McAusland Halkett Mcgregor Wallace Aird Crawford Murdoch Mckay Ogen Gallagher Obviously Macloed gets a place when fit again. Might be the shock the current first team needs to pull the finger out.
  13. Or gives it to the ones who were made redundant recently..
  14. Got to say i do think there is more to this than meets the eye. I can't bring myself to believe Ally would try to screw the club out of money.
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