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  1. I think some sort of scouting system has to be a priority first and foremost, then we can look at positions such as CFOO and if theyre needed
  2. It's basically saying that the Record have seen documents from our payment processor, stating that they have had doubts about us since January, and that it's not a just consequence of King/UoF ticket boycott threat
  3. I think if the last few years should have taught us anything, it is not to jump on board with anyone. Treat everyone's words and motives with a skepticism, if not suspicion. I have to say, I don't trust the board, because as far as I am concerned they are just a continuation of Green's board. However, I also don't trust King, and he can't expect to be handed the keys to Ibrox without spending any money, or even putting forward a coherent and well-explained plan about where we would go under his stewardship.
  4. Got a good reaction when he came off yesterday, despite having a poor game, which will hopefully give him a wee boost. Just needs to keep working hard, and he can turn it around.
  5. Tries hard enough, but I dont think hes really suited to the wide right position. Would like to see him get a wee run at RB, because Foster will see us caught out more and more as we move up the leagues.
  6. Wonderful, just another reason to raise the roof tomorrow
  7. Yeah well I actually had one, but the wee disabled guy who sits next to me was pestering me for it, saying he couldnt get one, in the end i just gave it to him, but I was hoping to pick up a replacement
  8. I'm looking for a Queens Park programme, just wondering if anyone could oblige, I'd be willing to pay for it plus P+P if need be?
  9. It is unbelievable how much better the official site is now. That is a great touch
  10. A Celtic fan called Randy McWain, talk about nominative determinism
  11. I had the same problem about 6 months ago, its most likely that the Blu-ray laser has burnt out, thats what mine was. You can get a replacement for between 30-50 quid and replace it yourself, I'm not particularly technical and I found it easy (using one of many tutorial vids on youtube). Been working perfectly since
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