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  1. STV also saying that we have signed Templeton, just awaiting final confirmation
  2. BBC also saying that SFA have received Templeton paperwork, just checking it was received in time. Looks like hes signed
  3. According to STV there's possible snag in Boca's loan. Oh well we'll just have him back then
  4. Would have liked to get McGowan, but hey ho. Would like to see Templeton signed up now
  5. Stella signed according to STV. Hopefully theres more to come
  6. Yeah, Hearts player, but tbh hes probably only going on the basis of what being said on SSN
  7. Jamie Hamill saying that they are both joining. Fingers crossed
  8. Chris Graham on Twitter saying to expect more than Templeton to be announced soon. Id imagine Stella, hopefully McGowan. Is it too much to think there may be more???
  9. Probably trying to shed those extra pounds, he looked huge yesterday
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