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  1. been on the tour once before and it was fantastic! will future tours involve the restored grave sites?
  2. i dont care how good ye are..... are they denim shorts?
  3. I think Warbs is all about the performance related pay so pay will be low basic with loads of bonuses for goals, clean sheets etc
  4. I dont think that rule applies as it's not a replay?
  5. Stupid idea, it'll never catch on
  6. Forrester threading passes through the eye of a needle
  7. foddy no giving up that clean sheet easily another great save
  8. defender at the top there maybe playing holt on?
  9. This probably isnt the night out Delia had hoped for when he was asking if he wanted to go and watch the bairns get pumped
  10. should be 3-0 in the first 8 minutes but i'll take the 2-0!
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