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  1. rammstein - amerika just got into rammstein and ive been listening to them a lot really, before i never gave them a chance i think it was the german lyrics that put me off but now when i read the translations and begin to pick it up a bit i like them more and more some of the lyrics are actually very good and they have an extremely unique style
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMxoTAfhJX0 best new band in a long while imo apart rom priestess and a few others,goni achieve big things in the future i think
  3. although i am a litte nervous dundee united seem to be our bogey team of late
  4. there lates talbum is hsit im still going to see them though
  5. how terribly offensive i think i mite shed a single tear
  6. call it blind faith if you want but i cant see us getting humped,im not confident of a win but im pretty sure we wont be embaressed and may even come away with a draw,will be interesting to see walters tactics as he will know fergusons style very well
  7. one - metallica beast of a tune,im reading a bigrapjy on james hetfield just now so ive decided ill listen to metallica full catologue start to finish,not all in one go though lol
  8. fuckin tune im listenin to blood for blood my machine head welcome to the forum m8 there quite a few metal heads here as well
  9. what car you got that goes from gailoch to auxerre in 2 hours seriously though i couldnt care about the "glamour" ties i just want the lesser,if you can even call them that,teams
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