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  1. "Ye couldnae prove it, prove it" is now stuck in my head!
  2. His goal was terrific and hopefully he gets a good run in the team to work on the aspects of his play that need improving. Never thought his allegiance lay anywhere other than Ibrox!
  3. That's exactly what I said earlier to a friend. Unfortunately, I just don't see him turning it around. It breaks my heart to say that about a guy who has been such a legend for us, but this just isn't working and I don't see the drastic changes that are needed, being made.
  4. I'm the same, try and stay positive but jesus, absolutely awful!
  5. Absolutely awful illness to have. Get well soon!
  6. I hope the game is as good as this pre entertainment. Some palava!
  7. We are so predictable at times that these are the only ones who seem to be capable of doing something a bit different.
  8. Did that dude just show the league table and boost about Celtic having a 100% record?! It's only a fortnight in, jeezo.
  9. I'll need to put the TV on mute. That fucking song along with the Jersey Shore style fist pumping is horrific.
  10. Ahh, fuck. Knew that was going to happen though.
  11. I'm the same, making this horrendous hangover a bit more bearable.
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