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  1. An ego trip? Hows that? So if I want to take my daughter to the game when she is 4 (which is when my Dad took me for the first time) then its all about making myself look good?
  2. I might be in the minority here, but I care what they say. These are not just the remarks from two fannies, but the views of BBC Scotland in general, who again are meant to be an impartial broadcast network. Where does it end? I'm not asking Ally to conduct himself any differently, just who he speaks with.
  3. Stood in front of the mhanks and said "I asked Ally McCoist to be here tonight but he couldn't manage" And this is meant to be an impartial panelist on a radio show? Listen, football banter is fine. I've been involved in it when I still played. But with these people it's not banter or jokes, it's vindictive and directed at one of this country's greatest players, and the manager of a club that they hate.
  4. Ach f*ck it lets just toss our manager to the wolves then. There's a difference, our manager gives these people interviews and treats them in a polite manner, and gets wee snide remarks in return The bigot sneers and refuses interviews, yet the same stuff don't happen.
  5. Pretty self explanatory title. I've read a few posts today about Cowan and Cosgrove putting the boot right into our manager. A man who scored plenty of times for their beloved Scotland, and also player for St Johnstone at one point. I've watched Cowan interview Ally, and was basically sucking right up to the man. Now it's open season on him. These people are snakes, utter snakes and it sickens me how they poke fun at a guy with so much integrity and class. Yet that classless wee bigot across the city gets his arse kissed by them. It's not just them, I'm sure we are aware of fat Mark Guidi's jo
  6. The 1992/93 home kit would be a cracking remake
  7. The only thing I could see online about it was that Real wanted more money for the deal and adidas were yet to agree. I would think it could only be Nike, I think they're the only brand big enough apart from adidas. Cannot wait for adidas Rangers kits though a re-make of the lilac away shirt from 1994 would be lovely
  8. 'Adidas said to me we've lost Liverpool and Real Madrid, Rangers will be the biggest club we have.' When did adidas lose Real? Thats two big teams to lose!
  9. And how did he repay us for that kind of support? Absolute rat. Ally Maxwell for me, I've really been blessed with how many great Rangers goalies I've watched in my lifetime.
  10. Firstly, thanks for saying you respect my opinion, as thats all it is. Doesnt make it any more correct than your opinion, which I respect also. In regards to the shows comments about the catholic religion, my view is that its all about free speech, and if someone wants to decry that particular religion then thats up to them. Thats what free speech is all about and why the show is hosted on an American network. To be clear its not one of the things I agree with on the show, I for one have no interest in religion and have friends and family who are catholics, I have no desire to slag off their r
  11. To be fair its only a few weeks running, still could be changes made and format altered, not that I'm suggesting it, its fine the way it is in my opinion. Give it a chance before running it down.
  12. Sorry, but this is pish. Too many people on here (and on other Rangers forums) have complained about freedom of speech being taken away on the SNP's watch. So someone starts a chat show which isn't limited to what can be said, and is a free podium for Rangers supporters to air their views without being cut off, ridiculed or patronised like they are on Clyde 1. And people STILL complain. I'll bet my bottom dollar that the scum who share our city are quite happy that they get to say what they want about who they want and face no consequences. I also bet that they have no one complaining about th
  13. Thought the Parma game at Ibrox when Vidmar and Reyna scored was fuckin electric before it! Post game I think Scottish Cup Final vs the bheasts when Lovenkrands scored the winner in 2002, ended up about 5 rows in front of my seat!
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