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  1. Did they inject it into his optic nerve?
  2. It's funny though, that after all the other teams 'brilliant' performances against us recently have seen a dip. Hmmmmm.
  3. Yeah... it was maddening. .. but they had 2 current Scotland internationals in that back 4.. or 7 ..or whatever...they are a tough team to break down.
  4. We'll never score again ever. 3-0 at least and 14 bonus points to the micks.
  5. Right. I've thought about it for half an hour. It feels shite to lose. Let's not do it again.
  6. That's my worry. No idea what that was about. It's infuriating.
  7. That was a ridiculous performance in that 2nd half. So weak.
  8. Franky disny know whit to do with his bullets.
  9. 'North Curve' Barrowfield Bend mair like.
  10. 'Read' Lennon's 'book'. "In the team 5 days out of 7"... this boys a genius!
  11. He's got to be ginger as well, sitting in his manky top.
  12. Wee fucker sounds like he's on Helium!
  13. We didn't play as well as we could have, we were playing a quality side, a draw was a fair result.
  14. Why in paartikulaar dis he huv tae tok like thaaat? Fucking clown that he is.
  15. They were talking about them possibly winning the fucking trophy before the game.😂
  16. My love is like a red red Rossiter....
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