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  1. Bought everycunt £2 scratchcards today. Good work.
  2. 1.Goram. 2.Jardine. 3.Numan. 4.Gough. 5.Wilkins. 6.Butcher. 7.Albertz. 8.Gascoigne. 9.McCoist. 10.Hateley. 11.Walters.
  3. I liked Joe...wish him all the best.
  4. I agree...Wallace was playing through an injury for a large part of last season. I want to see him in a better team (hopefully) fully fit.
  5. Michael O'Halloran is more of a Ranger than you Scott ya wee diddy......Fucksake.
  6. Wide awake. Having a whisky. 2-0 for all that is good in the world.
  7. I get you Cushy......but if you're a player after that first 45. Surely you get tanked into whatever opposition is in front of you.
  8. How bad can it be..into those horrible cunts and give them nothing easy. Fucksake.
  9. The problem is ' The Support' didn't hook him off at half-time. The Boss did. If he performs like that he's going to be nowhere near the team, and rightly so.
  10. I like him.....but I liked Warburton and how he started. So I'm being careful. A win next week though and he's the messiah.
  11. That lamb bhoona was giving me trouble. Sorry.
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