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  1. Posh spice is a housewife. She goes on the school run... But when she picks the kids up.. She thinks of Warburton.
  2. Killie fans mostly sing 'Ayr' Dundee fans mostly sing 'Arab' Hearts fans mostly sing 'Hibee' Arsenal fans mostly sing Tottenham' Tottenham fans mostly sing 'Gooner' Most opposition fans sing along 'Ha ha ha ha haaah ha ha ha ha ha'.. to us. There will be a few who use something more offensive to whatever opposition they are playing but that is each individuals right or choice. I sang 'Celtic' yesterday...the boy in front of me sang 'rebel'...the girl next to me sang 'big trophies'... We have to stop making apologies to the fake offended in society, when it appears they dont want to listen.
  3. FUCKING WAGHORN! Yaaaaaaaas!
  4. Excellent impact player....he is now best putting everything in 30-45 minutes.
  5. Danny Dyer would have laaahhhvt it.
  6. While I think It's admirable that we are ready to build bridges, the reality is that no one else is willing. It seems destruction is the only mindset that is open to most of Scottish football. It's sad and maddening at the same time.
  7. ...It's so bad..... Delilah....Joan Collins....
  8. I'm fucking dreading it if we actually drop some points.
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