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  1. I thought Melendez won it by a round. A bit unfair on him.
  2. I'm looking forward to a possible Tate-Rousey face to face to promote the next series of TUF.
  3. Predictions for tonight? I reckon it'll be Hall by UD. As long as he keeps it off the ground I think he'll pick Kelvin off with shots for 3 rounds. I don't think he'll go for anything too spectacular incase he gets caught or taken down.
  4. What are you talking about? It's Uriah-Dylan and Josh-Kelvin in the semi's. Do you even watch it?
  5. This season of TUF has been brilliant. I think a Josh-Uriah final is the most likely outcome. As has been said already though, don't count out kelvin.
  6. Was there not a UFC/MMA news thread on here before? I've not been on for a while so maybe I just dreamt it.
  7. Definitely GSP. There's no way this is going to be as close as the UFC are trying to market it as. Diaz has been out for a year and his last fight was a defeat. Even if he had beaten Condit and gone straight into a fight with GSP he wouldn't have had a chance. Excellent trash talker but not as good a fighter as GSP.
  8. Any chance of somebody sending a cough to my mailbox?
  9. I think Mosley will take a real beating tonight. His corner will pull him out in the later rounds, if he even makes it that far. Floyd by UD.
  10. Bookies don't seem to be giving Hatton or Macklin much of a chance. Sky are trying to market Brook-Hatton as a 50-50 fight but it's really not.
  11. Is this being shown on tape delay in America or are they making them fight in Japan at a time that suits American tv?
  12. Aston Villa because my dad likes Birmingham and I wanted to be awkward. Although now he quite likes Villa thanks to Mcleish, Cuellar and Hutton.
  13. I like Sonnen. There's always room for a bit of banter like that in mma. Or any combat sport for that matter. Makes it much more interesting. 'Fighting Chael Sonnen could be hazardous to your health' I thought that was a good one as well. What a guy.
  14. Embarrassing by Johnson. Overweight by almost a stone is astonishing. He must have known ages ago that there was no chance of him making the weight.
  15. Slowly but surely people are realising that Arum is the reason for this fight not happening. Absolutely pathetic human being and an utter disgrace to the sport. Always has been.
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