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  1. My first European game.. can remember when they scored felt heart broken. Guy behind me said don't worry the European cups shite anyway ??
  2. Put real pressure on the cunts they'll fall apart!! The game on the 11th is so big, beat them its' game on.. must win game on Tuesday cmon on Rangers ?⚪?
  3. Thought he was solid 2nd half... think he won every header he went up for. What we needed when they flung everything at us.
  4. Pedro made a right fuck up of this... He thought last season team would've been enough to get us through this tie.. if his new players are better then these imposters they should have been fucking playing. Pedro made a right cunt of it. Where the fuck was pena! Get him on the park!!! Raging
  5. Growing on me too, the guy would run though brick walls for us. The goals will come!! No surrender Joe garner ????
  6. Thought we were brilliant today... Every player gave everything they had that's all we ask for.. brilliant Rangers ??
  7. Wouldn't have any other player step up to take that penalty against Fiorentina.. Just know nacho would bury it
  8. Won't ever forgive him... scumbag of the highest order!!
  9. Law should be first on list.. total imposter!! Like playing with a man down.
  10. Would sign him and give him a chance.. obviously the boys got talent! Playing for his boyhood heroes might bring out the best in him.
  11. Guys a wanker... just a Rangers hater full stop.
  12. Got 2 daughters both of them love the Rangers! The youngest one she's 3 and starting to get right into it, my other daughter is 6 and i can't go to ibrox without her. Won't be long till its me and my two daughters at ibrox
  13. agreed! was so proud seeing all the comments on twitter from shuffled Wednesday fans, the bears that were there done us proud. we really are the people.
  14. Heard big lee McCulloch's quite a good keeper
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