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  1. I have never seen anything from Lewis Ferguson which suggests he is good enough for us btw. I’d even go as far as saying if it wasn’t for his family name we wouldn’t even be looking twice at him (assuming we are).
  2. Genuinely think I dislike Ajer more than Brown. Absolute cretin.
  3. Kilmala should’ve buried that. Some ball by Kenny tbf. Switching this off if it goes 2-0, whilst it’s only 1 I think Aberdeen can do something here
  4. If anything sums up Aberdeen’s season it’s the last 2 mins in this game
  5. Klopp is only leaving Liverpool for Bayern or Germany I reckon. Possibly Flick to take over the German National team after the Euros might be an issue and then Bayern come calling but don’t see Klopp being tempted by Madrid or Barca
  6. Has to be. Even with his advancing years, his body is falling to bits. I’m named after Jack Nicklaus so not going to pretend I’m his biggest fan but I don’t want him to be fucked trying to chase a record he likely can’t eclipse even if he was fully healthy. I’m actually glad he won the Masters in 2019, that might make it a bit easier for him to call it a day before he’s confined to a wheelchair
  7. Sky originally reporting he’s broken both legs but been pulled to now list as moderate/critical injuries . Hope he’s alright
  8. 2003 Southampton Niemi, McCann, Beattie, Fernandes
  9. celtic have actually rode their luck past few games. I reckon Aberdeen were a bit unlucky against them with a couple of penalty shouts, probably St Johnstone should have beat/drawn with them if it wasn’t for Edouard taking the game by the scruff of the neck. Think the warning signs have been there despite this winning run they have been on.
  10. Not great at start. Needed Shagger to bail us out, but cruise control now and could of been 5 or 6
  11. Wright should be an upgrade on Barker & Stewart, perhaps Jones as well. Quite astute signing.
  12. Good manager no doubt but still a bit too young if that all happens this summer. Also Bayern had a bad experience with their last younger coach (Kovac) and they aren’t the kind of club to risk potentially making the same error twice which makes me think it will be someone like Klopp.
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