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  1. Respect the opposition in this instance as they are a step up from what we will play domestically but too many players are underperforming so far this season. Not sure if it’s resting on the laurels of last season or a few players have had their heads turned in the summer, or teams have worked out how to play against us. If our supply is cut from out wide we don’t seem that capable of opening up well organised teams which is a worry. Need to get this sorted ASAP for the league as celtic likely won’t be as patchy form wise for the whole season as they’ve been
  2. Gotta love Hartson. Changing his tune from half time and throwing Edouard under the bus now they’ve lost.
  3. Champions League fixtures were released late last night. Would imagine we would find out our fixtures tonight hopefully.
  4. Dreadful this tbh. Keep hearing there is a huge gap between us and them. Based on this alone, doesn’t look that huge.
  5. We don’t look up for this at all. Just hope this squad don’t think it’s ‘job done’ after last season and a bit of complacency seeping in after what’s happening at celtic.
  6. Anyone see the Rangers flag as Courtois saved Ronaldos free kick?
  7. Hopefully Germany get out the group, they have declined pretty alarmingly since 2016. I know it’s natural with all great national teams to go through a decline, and come again, but Germany always seem to make it to the latter stages even when on paper they were shite. Wouldn’t feel right them not being there till the end 2 tournaments in a row.
  8. Scott Brown part of the ITV coverage for the Euros. 😂
  9. Think they play to their strengths tbh. Always been strong defensively and that sees them through against well fancied teams. Definitely should have won 2014 CL and probably 2016 too
  10. Simeone has been excellent for Atletico. He should have had at least one champions league by now as well. Phenomenal manager.
  11. Some rumours Lampard has pulled out of the running for the Palace job this morning. Can you imagine if Eddie Howe goes to Palace, what a nightmare for them
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