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  1. Think they play to their strengths tbh. Always been strong defensively and that sees them through against well fancied teams. Definitely should have won 2014 CL and probably 2016 too
  2. Simeone has been excellent for Atletico. He should have had at least one champions league by now as well. Phenomenal manager.
  3. Some rumours Lampard has pulled out of the running for the Palace job this morning. Can you imagine if Eddie Howe goes to Palace, what a nightmare for them
  4. 3-0 happy days The 2 Bournemouth boys need loaned next season, they aren’t at the level required for us (for now anyway)
  5. Not a great send off for Nagelsman & Upamecano before they go to Bayern. Credit to Dortmund, they have been brilliant tactically and clinical
  6. Me too. I went to a few Bournemouth games since living down south and he comes across as a likeable chap. He tries to play attractive possession based football which should suit him up here as celtic tend to dominate the ball in most of their games in the league. However, Bournemouth were very soft at conceding goals and not great at set piece defending, I think he will make celtic a bit better going forward but they will still concede quite a few goals and give teams quite a few chances to score against them.
  7. I have never seen anything from Lewis Ferguson which suggests he is good enough for us btw. I’d even go as far as saying if it wasn’t for his family name we wouldn’t even be looking twice at him (assuming we are).
  8. Kilmala should’ve buried that. Some ball by Kenny tbf. Switching this off if it goes 2-0, whilst it’s only 1 I think Aberdeen can do something here
  9. If anything sums up Aberdeen’s season it’s the last 2 mins in this game
  10. celtic have actually rode their luck past few games. I reckon Aberdeen were a bit unlucky against them with a couple of penalty shouts, probably St Johnstone should have beat/drawn with them if it wasn’t for Edouard taking the game by the scruff of the neck. Think the warning signs have been there despite this winning run they have been on.
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