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  1. Oh Rangers (cha cha cha cha) you got me singing the blues
  2. I agree. No point in the club suffering for them being idiots. Id sell to the highest bidder.
  3. Hahaha. Now THAT would sell newspapers
  4. Thought that too. Weirdo behaviour hanging around with the young team as it is. Especially in a global fucking pandemic
  5. You can’t compare boozegate with what those fucking wanks have done though. For them to have seen the outcry at Edmundson and Jones... and then still decide to do it. what they have done is beyond thick. I’m not sure they deserve a second chance. The consequences for what they did could have been disastrous.
  6. I’d rather Jack RB than Balogun. The way we play we need someone who is comfortable on the ball at full back. Balogun isn’t Hope that wee twat Patterson is feeling rotten today
  7. Pricks man. They can all get to fuck
  8. Had more than enough quality picked to comfortably win that game. Mentality just seemed to be fucking shit. Getting bullied by the worst team in the league
  9. Pathetic performance Players need to realise that the league isn't won yet
  10. May have missed this, but is he ever coming back on RTV? getting sick of Tom again
  11. I fucking love him He’s a totally different level. Wouldn’t swap him for any midfielder we’ve had in the last 20 years (excluding prime Barry obviously)
  12. In contrast to Saturday, Kennedy was poor tonight. Only remember him going on one run with the ball and it didn’t lead to anything. To be fair though Raith overall were terrible. He didn’t really stand much of a chance. Played most of the game with 10 men. Hearts absolutely ran all over them.
  13. Filming at starks park tonight so will report back how he does.
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