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  1. You would be best getting a credit card so you could use for the holiday then bin it on your return if you don't like having one. The convenience of using one is well worth it as long as you don't get carried away. Most of the rental companies want to swipe a credit card so they know they are covered if you damage their motor or do a runner with it.
  2. http://www.snspix.com/prints-56715/22-03-11-scotland-golf-photocall-gallery.html Sums the guy up to a T a proper dick.
  3. Any groups trying to create a decent atmosphere can only be an improvement as the picture below typifies most of the support around the stadium, some even look as if they are sleeping (taken yesterday) http://tinypic.com/r/2zy95l5/7
  4. All this spouting off in the papers makes my blood boil. The last two games against the rotten mob have shown up the team for what they are a bunch of friggin pansies you could see the fear in there eyes before a ball was kicked. They can talk the talk all day but sadly not many have the balls to walk the walk. No doubt a drubbing on Thu night will bring about more blah blah blah about how they will now concentrate on the domestic competitions. Sorry for sounding like a defeatist but I've not seen anything of late to give me much hope of any glory.
  5. Someone has been busy dont know if its been posted already. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Hadji_Diouf
  6. No chance of failing a medical webster passed his with ease.
  7. The George & Dragon Directions to The George and Dragon. The pub is located at 6314 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819 Merge onto I-4 E via the ramp to Orlando 5.5 mi Take exit 74A toward International Dr. 0.3 mi Merge onto W Sand Lake Rd/SR-482/SR-528A 0.1 mi Turn left at International Dr/SR-536 Pub is on the right. Spent many a good time there when in Orlando.
  8. Chill out we should be okay then as its on sky sports 4
  9. Funny his uncle Nick was asking me the same question last night. :chopometer:
  10. Yep deffo more pressure on Man U but say we were to get a penalty who do you think would have the confidence/composure to step up and slot it home. I don't know if Miller would put away 9 out of 10 like Boyd would. Trying to slot one past Van der Sar would certainly seperate the men from the boys.
  11. Tuesday, 21 September 2010 Brechin v Motherwell, R3, 19:45 Falkirk v Hearts, R3, 19:45 Rangers v Dunfermline, R3, 19:45 St Johnstone v Queen of South, R3, 19:45
  12. Looks like the men in white coats are going to give them a visit as well. FOOTBALL GOSSIP Celtic manager Neil Lennon is considering calling in a psychologist to cure his club's poor away record in Europe - which now stands at one win in the last 29 games. (Various) Taken from the BBC website.
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