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  1. indeed m8 what players you needing faces for? if av not got them, i can do them
  2. am sad tho, got ma game pimped oot to the max
  3. nae bother, have ye no got the faces mega pack like? recommend getting this wi all the updates applied. its got aboot 90000 players, staff and even refs faces in it
  4. btw pic doesn't have to be a cut out, but i'm sure it has to be a certain size, which i canny mind off the tap of ma heid
  5. just find out what your unique id is, you should be able to get this by turning them on in settings. then just put a pic of you on the graphics/faces folder, and name it your unique id. or you could just insert manager pic at the start of a new game
  6. FS man, don't know how folk can play FM without all the add ons, i.e graphics, badges, logos, faces etc. game looks without them.
  7. just a wee side note here. try starting a game, with your normal database, whichever you use. but add all players from scotland too. i started a game in league 2 with port vale, so i could pick up great bargains in the scottish lower leagues. can get some good players, for a fraction of the price they'd cost in england. anyway, the beauty of this is that because there are so many scottish players in the game, after a few seasons, you start getting world class scottish regen players coming thru, in almost every scottish team, which if you are quick u can snatch :-) think it was about 2015 by th
  8. so anyone know when we can expect a press confrence from whyte????
  10. ffs, technical issues now, this is a fucking circus man.
  11. jelavic won't be plane in europe next season, cos he's cup tied as he never played for villa and didny score 2 goals against them fi 3 seasons ago, therefore he is cup tied, so is bain. hope this clears that up for you
  12. lets get this fucking thing finally done rangers!
  13. "i know the rivalry and i know rangers have won the title more than they have" quality, top class! over the moon with this signing, gr8 piece of business and i'd like to take this oppertunity to congratulate walter smith, martin bain and anyone else associated with bringing nikica to the club. even the missus is glad he has finally signed, she said its aboot fuckin time hes came and she canny even stand fitbaw! watp Nikica Jelavic :praise: :praise: :praise: :praise: Welcome to Rangers
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