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  1. i will be there !! for anyone who doesn't know about this historic loyalist event. 22 september 2012 george square glasgow Ancre Somme Association Scotland 100th Anniversary Covenant and wreath laying Ceremony Time: 2:45pm till 4:15pm Venue: George Square, Glasgow Attending: Somme Associations/Friends of the Somme Greengairs Thistle FB Speeches Cultural Music from 1912 Mass colour party from all Somme Associations and Unionist Flute Bands. Formal dress & period costumes. Evening Event "Night at the Somme" & Disco Govan Halls - after the ceremony, friends welcome. This will be a dignified & respectful gathering to remember our history, heritage & culture. A show of "Unionist Strength" in mass numbers is requested to remember the Volunteers of 1912. Ancre Somme Association Scotland. buckfast brigade not welcome this is a dignified ceremony ,
  2. you have a friend ?? bet he's not a rangers fan !!
  3. only if rangers owned all the rights to it & only if they kept the profits then i would be interested . it could be a good earner for them if they did it without trying to overprice it .
  4. used to be sung twice with an "all together now" then into the more recent version scarves ,flags , teatowels , cans of lager , bottles of el dorado all held aloft singing to the tune of amazing grace , nice & slowly before going into an upbeat verion & a massive bouncy .
  5. come on bears get this brilliant song sung as in the video , the way it should be & at every game . goosepimple & hairs standing on the back of your necks . rangers v bayern munich 1972.
  6. ha ha , his 1st degree after the killie championship winning day . cant remember who vouched for him though !!!
  7. mr whyte knows were rangers fc is going & who is defending it , his badge says it all
  8. i would just love to welcome him to glasgow !!!
  9. i know that everyone is entitled to an opinion BUT . HOW HAS BLUEPETER9 lasted so long on this fine site ? is he george galloways love child ? no really is he ?
  10. craig moore is supposedly a mental case . i was told everyone in the dressing room was shit scared of him ,, wether thats true or not i dont know . but he was hard as fek going into a tackle usually smiling . hugh burns , terry hurlock , john grieg , tam forsyth , souness , graham roberts , john brown all hard as fek .
  11. i remember when it was just : get yer maccaroon , get yer spearmint chewing gum . same 2 guys walking through the terraceing every game home & away .
  12. Broadcasting By Catholics , its drummed into them from an early age . subliminal messages , opus dei at its best .
  13. i wonder were the furniture salesman works ?? surely his boss wouldnt want someone so braindead in his shop ? at least until he gets help .
  14. my da used to take me every week , went on the old ballochmyle bus that left duke st .on the way home it dropped off at easterhouse were i lived at the time . too many games to remember in that stand .
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