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  1. i just caught the last 5 mins on stream n see people leaving then and thought wtf We Are The People stage 2 complete onwards n upwards
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    I dont go to as many games as id like but i do a fair few and also watch most on the telly cos i live down south. I dont post much in here eitherbut i read a fair bit. So i sat in BF1 today first time and i have to take my hat of to them. They do create an atmosphere TBO included (bf5) compared to most of the stadium what i dont get is why do a fair few people dislike them? I did wonder if i had walked into a nursery at first but when you think about it theseboys will be in it for the long haul the more that get involved the better. Times are changing n the governing bodys seem to be taking mo
  3. 11 Dundee game was the worry for me, after seeing the we cruised and used our players defo an 11
  4. Kinda starts on saturday for me, it`s my Birthday on sunday so havin a party/BBQ on the saturday wake up sunday have some cornflakes and a cold beer to sober up, then off to the Peterborough Loyal to receive my birthday present that will be our Famous Rangers getting 3 in a row
  5. you got to be in it to win it im in it
  6. i agree very unlikely and if this shit was to ever come true and get out they would be tarnished for life, but you never know and like you say it would definetly be a one way ticket no doubts
  7. you never know with scum like them a lil off topic but my neighbour was growing some weed, he got drunk kicked off smashed his house up and his mrs car(a cunt i know) , he got nicked for those offences, then a day later his house gets raided for the weed, so his mrs doesnt want him back, as it was a council house the courts say he is not allowed back at that adress, my m8 is madly obssesed with his mrs(ex) she wants fuck all to do with him, however she texts him every couple of days to go and see her at the house were he is not allowed to be and after an hour or 2 she would always ring the po
  8. There is no end of topics abut this cunt and i certainly never wanted to make one on him either he gets enough attention as it is however, would you like to see him sacked next season? i myself would love to see him stay on at sceptic and make a bigger arse of himself than he has done this season most of all i would love Super Ally to make him look like a bigger cunt and win the league next season over lemon
  9. This is why i think the scum should win tonight and we wipe the smiles of their faces on sunday when we beat killie and win the trophy, on the other hand let them lose tonight and see how many who have bought tickets for the sunday game not turn up cos they have nothing to win we will get the credit when the trophy is safely in our hands
  10. i am a Bear with a sore head, great result last night the fans and the players really showed what being a Ranger is all about, let the scum beat hearts tonight (we dont want them saying they gave us it) and us to lift the trophy on the 15th my birthday oh what a present that will be, well done Rangers and well done to Sir Walter was a great send of, WALTER SMITHS BLUE AND WHITE ARMY. WE REALLY ARE THE PEOPLE
  11. agreed mate was a waste at the end , but champions none the less, each to there own and all that i guess
  12. i couldnt understand that last season either, i made the trip up from england stayed till the end missed the supporters bus i got there on and had to jump 2 trains back, so i could join the celebrations and applaud the team and staff while people were rushing home early or bang on full time
  13. i feel a lil sick but i know we will stick in a few goals walter and the players wont let that shower of shite hump us twice at home this season
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