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  1. He can't go back, they'd have to refund what we've already paid and that's not going to happen.
  2. So we owe 55M of which you can take out close to 8 for debentures and 27 for ticketus. Add back in whatever our final two tax cases are and we're probably back around 50-60M due. There's room for a good CVA there for sure, even better the more positive the big tax case result is. Speaking of which are we not due to find out the result of this very soon?
  3. We'd be called H*** for a whole new and just as offensive reason
  4. Purely for indicative bids. Today is full and final offers
  5. Correct, it's the Leeds United scenario. Also exactly what Club 9 said in their statement yesterday. It should still be avoided at all costs as the media and tim frenzy would never shut up about it.
  6. They've already said the trophy won't be presented at our match, likely to be their last home match v hearts
  7. No problem, for info Frankie is one of the most trusted online posters you could get. Personally I'd say THE most.
  8. I'm a little surprised the old firm game is as early as it is. It isn't entirely unthinkable that it could be a title decider with away trips to Kilmarnock and Motherwell prior to our match its not beyond the realms of possibility that celtic could lose those games. Unlikely I grant you, but surely a later game would have been more prudent.
  9. They have been in contact with Frankie (GersNet) and answered a few questions.
  10. It wouldn't be the first time! There was talk of a New York based consortium but that seems to have been forgotten.
  11. Sounds like another sell out, or as good as.
  12. TBK, the Singapore consortium are the only definites. And they both want to avoid liquidation. Club9 have ruled themselves out and from their letter to the RST that whole consortium is out, although I'm not totally convinced there won't still be something from this lot. The only other is the mystery UK based consortium that we've heard nothing about - these are the real dark horses.
  13. I think Ellis blew any suggestion he's Whyte's "buddy" away in an interview a few weeks ago. Not saying he's a man to trust either but he appears to have severed the Whyte link and from that interview it's highly unlikely he's in cahoots with him behind the scenes now
  14. I'd suggest a smaller up front fee with an ongoing monthly payment would be a better option for many fans.
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