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  1. this, no 2 ways about it. This season the guys pulled out unbelievable stops one after another. Without a doubt if he played for a 'bigger' team he'd be "world class".
  2. its absolutely dire lads, but theres always call centre work going. no experience needed and tbph the wage isnt bad for what your doing. Dodge outbound at all costs though, unless you genuinely have the gift of the gab and can be a pushy cunt too. BeCogent in glasgow city centre/EK/erskine are always taking folk on.
  3. generally yes, we did play a few in paisley (seedhill) but the prices of that park have sot up so we avoid it now. your welcome to come down and try out fella. our next game is sunday at 2pm at the glasgow green, next friendly will be next week (midweek - hopefully tuesday if colin gets his finger out)
  4. if you were in any serious trouble son the boots were getting fucked into the mix! and Jim, that was the best first half of my season
  5. Mate, you have thighs like railway sleepers, i knew you'd be fine. plus i was fucking buckled at the side of the park and Jim.. you fucking geek!
  6. i heard Valencia were considering a bid for you after a spanish tourist seen you play at Murray Park
  7. nah this threads nothing to do with you mate. The PM on the other hand
  8. we already considered that, but we dont feel his CV's up to scratch.
  9. dunno mate, something about being a ginger prick, canny mind exactly in seriousness though, nah, we're just trying to add some bodies to the squad, and Jims convinced he's gonna start scoring goals ( ) and doesnt wanna manage and play at the same time.
  10. One of the forums football teams, RangersMedia FC are looking for both new players and someone to take over the reigns as manager for next season. The teams been about for a while now and are of a pretty good standard (always finishing there abouts of the top of the league - last year winning the Salver Cup) and play in the GDSFC - a league started as kick about a few years back but which has now grown into a well run, 2 division league of a similar standard to your average saturday amateur stuff. Our very own Badger used to run the team, but sadly cant now due to other commitments, so the tea
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