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  1. im just waiting on the call mate, whenever yer ready Ally.
  2. weighted and measured myself last night measurements at start of august. chest 108cm belly 105cm waist 98cm weight 14st 1. measurements as of yesterday. chest 102cm belly 98cm waist 96cm. weight 12st 6. definite progress. im at the stage where i want to slow down on the weight loss and just keep toning up. although ive still got a bit of excess fat around my sides/tits theres some muscle definition starting at the top of my stomach and my arms are a fair bit bigger. im also benching my own weight in reps of 15, moving weight up and 12, moving weight up and 8. as of next week i'll be attending
  3. sure ive already asked but what gym you going to ya big sexy manplank? would love to start doing a similar routine to what you've posted but i would have NFI where to start!
  4. 2 hours cardio tonight, an hour core work then sit ups and lower back followed by 40 lengths. an hours cardio in the morning followed by some light chest/arms. down to 12st8 which im pretty chuffed with, another few lbs and then i'll start phasing out the cardio every day and start on the weight training.
  5. as said a few times in here, the diet is a massive thing. what exactly are you trying to achieve? when you say your hour 'cardio' what exactly is it your doing?
  6. Well, since the first time since i broke my leg (2008 i think) i find myself the happy side of 13st. My plan is to be just over 12st and then change my focus to toning rather than all out weight loss. I opted for a mix of things ive read about, a very paleo-esque type diet (although i have a few carbs some days to keep some variety) and 2-3hour gym sesions 5 times a week. Even though ive still not reached my target i feel so much better about myself, im looking better and im physically fitter. Getting out of bed is that wee bit easier, pushing myself harder is more enjoyable, and even wee thin
  7. nah, moved to carntyne so now at the DW at the fort. but after a 10 hour shift and 2.5hrs in the gym im ready for my kip
  8. not long in, tonight was cardio and some core work.
  9. i get that on the treadmill as well mate, thats why i alternate days on the X trainer and treadmill. i sometimes get lower back issues after a few days in a row on the treadmill as well. what trainers are you wearing? does your gym have a powerplate or steam room? i find doing a few stretches on the plate after a hard workout really kills the soreness you normally get the next day, or if theres a steam room a cold shower then a spell in there with a stretch once your warm again really helps. thats one of the main reasons i left the puregym for the DW - i used to use the puregym at silly hours
  10. haha my 5 year old son got into the bath with me last night.. "daddy" he asked "why is your penis different from mine" "well son" i replied "for a start, yours isnt erect"
  11. aye fella i know all about that, tbh im not that concerned about my 'weight' as such, just the belly and manboobs i developed. as long as i lose them and feel better/fitter then i dont care if i dont lose any more weight, inface i'd rather not drop below 12.5 stone (im 5'10 and 13st1 just now - down from 13st8)
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