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  1. sorry mate, sign up with a new account using the referral code. lump £25 on something at odds of over 1.2, within a few days the £25 will be back in your win or lose. you can withdraw the £25 right away so its a totally risk free bet. money should be in your accounts before now lads. hope you's got a winner!
  2. sign up using a referral code, bet £25 (odds of at least 1/5) and you'll get £25 back that can be withdrawn. whoever refers you gets £25 too. i know a few of you guys made a few quid off this the last time, so here's hoping for a repeat! use the bear aboves referral code and then post yours so someone can do the same. mine RPRGL47NG. free bets lads. wire in!
  3. anyone else see this? there was a drop ball deep in the shaktar end, with them to play the ball back to the nords keeper as you would expect.. ball gets lobbed back and while everyone waits for it to get to the keeper adriano runs on to it, rounds the keeper and scores! from there everyone expects shaktar to let nords score to even it out, so they kick off and head towards the shaktar goal only for them to challenge for the ball and start playing again! was rather fitting to see nords get up the park 2 mins later and rattle one in off the bar to make it 2-1! madness!
  4. yes mate, your not supposed to right enough. this is the last weekend for this folks, get signed up! ive got a few unknowns signed up on the 22nd and 23rd, they should all be credited now if it was anyone off here.
  5. your not sposed to no, so my missus now has an account too
  6. this offers still on folks.. belgium -1 is at even money just now.. £25 on that will see back £50 + the £35 bonues. literally buying money,
  7. wee neils been fantastic at sweeper, never a position i wouldve put him in but he's fair made it his own!
  8. just to confirm, you can lift out the £35. betfair fuck up? who cares.. £10 risk free cash. get on it bears
  9. this is our home kit that we'll be wearing mate. yes, but in the division below us. they only started last year and gained promotion from the 3rd to the 2nd.
  10. haha, it was not so long ago. a few still post now and again. and i hope aids pumps you, but thats probably not gonna happen either. whos your mates that play for FF?
  11. its been that long since we seen you i forgot all about you when asked who else posts/plays phone in sick
  12. i think most of the boys that are in the team used post on here but none that post that much these days. Badger is still involved, billyboy11 and gersboyjohn did until last season. i think apart from that the only real active poster is me, i know a fair few of the HSV lads post right enough (a lot of who played for RM at some point) a few of us play(ed) saturday too, but far from all of us. i think we'd hold our own in any sunday league, and dont think we'd get embarrassed in your average saturday league, although if we were that good we wouldnt be playing in a charity sunday league i guess.
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