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  1. weighted and measured myself last night

    measurements at start of august.

    chest 108cm

    belly 105cm

    waist 98cm

    weight 14st 1.

    measurements as of yesterday.

    chest 102cm

    belly 98cm

    waist 96cm.

    weight 12st 6.

    definite progress.

    im at the stage where i want to slow down on the weight loss and just keep toning up. although ive still got a bit of excess fat around my sides/tits theres some muscle definition starting at the top of my stomach and my arms are a fair bit bigger. im also benching my own weight in reps of 15, moving weight up and 12, moving weight up and 8.

    as of next week i'll be attending a boot camp as wellso i can add some more dynamic exercises into my routine rather than simply going from pure cardio to weights.

  2. 2 hours cardio tonight, an hour core work then sit ups and lower back followed by 40 lengths.

    an hours cardio in the morning followed by some light chest/arms.

    down to 12st8 which im pretty chuffed with, another few lbs and then i'll start phasing out the cardio every day and start on the weight training.

  3. Into my third month of going to the gym. I'd love to say I've been going three times a week but most weeks it's only twice. Not really seeing any changes, which is becoming very disheartening.

    I feel like I'm going to the gym and doing my hour of purely cardio but not feeling as if I'm doing very much. Can anyone help me? Feel like I need to push myself more but I have no idea what I'm doing.

    as said a few times in here, the diet is a massive thing. what exactly are you trying to achieve?

    when you say your hour 'cardio' what exactly is it your doing?

  4. Well, since the first time since i broke my leg (2008 i think) i find myself the happy side of 13st. My plan is to be just over 12st and then change my focus to toning rather than all out weight loss.

    I opted for a mix of things ive read about, a very paleo-esque type diet (although i have a few carbs some days to keep some variety) and 2-3hour gym sesions 5 times a week. Even though ive still not reached my target i feel so much better about myself, im looking better and im physically fitter. Getting out of bed is that wee bit easier, pushing myself harder is more enjoyable, and even wee things like still having energy after a 14hr shift are all benefits.

  5. Squats - 85KG

    Bench Press - 45KG

    Deadlift - 65KG

    Done all reps and sets 5 x 5 tonight again. Feeling a lot stronger in the few weeks since I have started and will be attempting to squat my own body weight on Wed when I move the squats up to 90KG. Deadlift should have been barbell rows tonight, got mixed up! doh

    Anyone else at the Gym tonight? Let's see some figures :pipe:

    not long in, tonight was cardio and some core work.

  6. Ran 10.35k in the gym today - really happy with it, but my knee is sore, feels a little fluidy as well :(

    i get that on the treadmill as well mate, thats why i alternate days on the X trainer and treadmill. i sometimes get lower back issues after a few days in a row on the treadmill as well.

    what trainers are you wearing?

    After that run yesterday I was in agony for the majority of today. My legs felt like they were going to give out any moment, my quads have been sore all day, my calves have been cramping all day and my hamstrings have not had a workout like that in years. I also found that my stomach muscles were really fatigued too. Has anybody else ever had that after running before because I found it slightly odd.

    does your gym have a powerplate or steam room?

    i find doing a few stretches on the plate after a hard workout really kills the soreness you normally get the next day, or if theres a steam room a cold shower then a spell in there with a stretch once your warm again really helps.

    thats one of the main reasons i left the puregym for the DW - i used to use the puregym at silly hours but with no powerplate and steam room i was always waking up with stiff legs.

    as for the stomach muscles, it could be way you run. Are you doing sprints and/or do you move your arms a lot? If so you'll find your body twisting between strides works the top of your stomach too - always a bonus IMO.

  7. Don't get to carried away the first 7lbs is mostly 'water' and easy to put back on. Been there so not pissing on your parade -- keep it up and remember a little at a time. You don't gain weight quickly and cant lose it quickly.

    aye fella i know all about that, tbh im not that concerned about my 'weight' as such, just the belly and manboobs i developed.

    as long as i lose them and feel better/fitter then i dont care if i dont lose any more weight, inface i'd rather not drop below 12.5 stone (im 5'10 and 13st1 just now - down from 13st8)

  8. I can't put up pics my mobile won't let me upload or send them and I defo shouldn't have I don't want jail time for her ended up going to court over all that pish in the past just want to move on and rebuild my life after the ex wrecked it

    i would guarantee if some burd accused me of that she would at least have got a nice steamy jobby through the letterbox.

    theres nothing lower IMO.

  9. Didn't burn the exs house down no should have but just don't want to see her again ever tbh. After all that push I went thru wae it all being stalked for 9 months when I only went with her for 6 also claiming that I spent valentines day at hers which I did cos I'd left stuff up there so was getting it back and slept on the couch she went onto my old bebo saying I shagged her and that night which I didn't I slept on the couch that night.

    • there 36FF or bigger

    • yes she's been known to if I want that

    • no he doesn't he's a mechanic which doesn't bother me because neither of us drink anyway.

    • no wouldn't want that anyway random slag still wouldn't want that let alone fae a gf

    • and she does answer your questions there Reid

    all we need is pics and she will be approved (are your pussy whippedness slightly more accepted)


    PS. you shouldve burnt that bitches gaff down.

  10. She doesn't she doesn't no my password lol I'm just genuinely one of the lucky ones who has a wonderful gf so jealousy will get you nowhere

    get pics up and we'll be the judge of that.

    how bigs her tits?

    does she swallow?

    does her da own a brewery?

    does she go round the lads?

    does she take up the arse?

    feel free to answer any other questions you feel we may ask. (tu)

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