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  1. we're both singing from the same sheet here fella, i 100% agree with your post. I just think its now that we're at the stage that him saying a few strong words in a tv interview or at a meeting aren't enough, and that if he has all of these big lucrative deals then we should start seeing some movement on it. As a support we couldnt have been any better to CG, at the start he simply played us and maybe aye, now he's realised just big we are that there's more than just making a quick buck. But we've stood by him, and now its time for him to truly show where he stands, to prove he's not just another one of these empty promises. So far its looked good, but nows the time to up the ante Charlie.
  2. haha cheers fella but im not one for a rep count, actually felt quite good getting a wee blast of some negs very true, too many tarriers on here thats what i'd like to think mate, its hard not to cringe at some of the shite thats posted on here though
  3. exactly mate, this has to be remembered from both angles though. As you can see from some of the replies in here, some folk are all to quick to jump anything that would remotely suggest CG isnt a god. when we're sitting pretty turning over a 10million a year profit then i'll happily get on my hands and knees and bow in front of him, but until he does that i dont think we should all be so taken by him. By all means give him the credit for what he's done so far, but he's not our saviour... yet.
  4. its certainly not my friend. its more a 'remember lads, just because this cunt has a halo and can seemingly walk on water, doesnt mean he's jesus christ'. let's keep our feet on the ground, and while embracing this 'revolution' just beware that by giving it our full support we're leaving ourselves open. Sadly faith is the only thing we have just now.
  5. get ready for the negative rep ride
  6. As i've said lads, at this point in time we dont need those lies. I'm sure theres enough of out there that realise that at somepoint he;'s gonna have to do something we as a support dont like, even if its for the better of us. I'd rather he said it that way than fed us some pish that we wanted to hear and did it off the radar. my wee granny once said 'while someones giving you treats its hard to see them dipping your bag'. My point of the thread isnt anti CG, far from it infact. I like that the guy seems to have the balls to stand up for us. ITs just that at the moment everythings to cute and pretty.. and we know how that works out. when is he going to start making the big decisions that will actually benefit us and secure some kind of future for us rather than fill us with stories of how good its going to be. If he has a hand, i'd like to see ti played pretty soon.
  7. very good post, and partly what im getting at. CG hasn't yet made a decision that is any way unpopular. whether thats simply because the first steps are what we would all do or some other reason is left to be seen. i would've expected a man coming in to change almost every aspect of how we've been run in the last X years would have had to at some point make a decision that didnt sit well with us, but as yet he hasn't. we've all seen snippets of massive deals on the horizon and have instantly grew to love a man that as yet, has only really told the SPL to go fuck themselves, anyone could have did that. Aye, we're running a lot smoother as a club, but have we penned any massive deals that will ensure our future or are they still at the 'negotiation' stage? or has some strong words and meeting a few fans inspired 40 thousand season ticket renewals before he's had to do much else? As i said, right now we are more vulnerable than ever, I like how CG seems to have all the cards in his hand.. but at the same time, we all said we would never want one man we didnt know having that power over us again. PS to 'bluenose' (very apt name for someone making tarrier shouts..) a lot of folk on here know me personally, so calm yerself, im definitely not a pape
  8. hah, listen pumpkin, you've been here 10 minutes and are shouting pape. haud yer wheesht. thats the thing thats getting me.. i cant! maybe im just over sceptical and still hurting from era's past. but take a step back and have a look at how we sit just now, one man once again has our entire support eating from the palm of his hand, and aye he might just be what we've been wanting for years but at the same time he's made every single one of us once again lump our hard earned into the club.. and we'd be powerless to stop him taking all of that and walking away. For everything he says right, theres one thing thats just too right to fit. There is now way that his ideals for Rangers are 1005 the same as every one of ours, after all he'll be looking from a business sense, we (well most of us) aren't. Surely a good business head and a loyal supporter wont have exactly the same ideas on how to develop a club thats growing from the depths? Im not for a second saying the mans an imposter or is going to shaft us, i'd just like for him to stop spoon feeding us what we want to hear and start showing us all these big money deals he's going on about.
  9. and where are these threads you speak of? look at the lot of you guys, swallowing everything the guy has to say. Its not hard to get a support thats been fucked about like we have to follow you by using a few strong words. we are so fickle as a support. fuck, look at the shite going about now about being renamed I.Brox. Seriously, does anyone here even remotely think thats a possibility never mind the certainty half of the cunts here are shouting about? Things like the orange top aswell, he knew fine well as soon as he said that we'd all jump up and get hard over another one.. The man knows exactly what he's doing, and IMO we're move vulnerable now than ever before.
  10. .. that doesnt sit right. he seems to have all the answers and says exactly what we want to hear exactly when we want to hear them. keep vigilant bears
  11. anyone fancying pm'ing a wee link to the game for us bears that couldnt make the trip?
  12. love seeing stuff like that. WATP.
  13. Reid

    ResidentEvil 6

    cheers mate! looking forward to it! how can i get the demo?
  14. what a finish that was aswell!
  15. haha i think everyone would be the same! imagine hitting the bar in front of a packed ibrox tho? or imagine falling flat on your arse after hooking it off the corner flag in front of 50,000 fellow bears..
  16. there any vids of the piper or crowdsurfing? Patching work to a few games this season loyal
  17. ive just read through maybe 3 or 4 threads where every one of your replies are of a similar tone. Either you're fishing like fuck, or you sir, are a cock.
  18. if im honest i cant stand the bastard, he's tore into us several times before instead of standing up for the club. But in saying that, that was well spoken, and well done to him for having the bottle to say it on TV.
  19. haha some of these are fucking tremendous, well played lads Wankerman (any one of they bastards) About a Ploy.. The Green Smile (charles ofcourse)
  20. canny understand a fucking word
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