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  1. post the link so she can get 130 new friend requests then
  2. my computers being a right cunt and not showing me any of these pictures, anyone post a link?
  3. http://www.flixxy.com/park-car-narrow-garage.htm haha well played auld boy
  4. facebook link so the restof the lads can get a shot?
  5. cheers lads. holy fuck though, thats a sending off! sure enough no sign of it on the BBC highlights either..
  6. i cant see the pic, any chance of someone posting a link to it?
  7. I'm kinda the same. I just kinda get on with it and do what i would normally do, if i feel sad then humour gets me over it. One of the things that really got to me was when a family member told me "you couldnt have loved them as much as you say you do if you dont get upset", that was as far from the truth as anything ever has been but it really pissed me off. I get called a morbid cunt for this but my view on it is that everyone dies, and whether you like it or not someday you will too. But thats not neccessarily a bad thing, you just have to enjoy life and be grateful for all the good things
  8. aye thats the only thing im worried about
  9. Spurs offered MORE than liverpool! fucking hell!
  10. Spurs offered MORE than liverpool for him, fucking hell
  11. drink a fair load more these days. was always fizzy juice until i started the diet, now whenever im peckish i have a pint of water.
  12. alot of the 3g parks are cutting down on folks wearing blades on them, so your maybe better going for mouldies. i find mouldies a bit more comfortable as well tbh, blades always seem to give me ankle problems.
  13. even when using it you'll still need to do a load of cardio to burn anywhere near what your after. but aye, it does help.
  14. worst thing is, thats my boaby in its resting start am im only jumping for a ball (fucking RM photographers... *cough* Badger *cough* taking pics an innapropriate times).. If she seen it out of its slumber she'd be over wanting me than her car fixed
  15. brakes and steering arent direcly connected so it wont be the same problem
  16. Im a mechanic, and as i tell everyone asking for a diagnosis over the internet is useless, we can only go on what you've described and take a guess at what it is. reminds me when i worked in the garage and woman phoned "hi there, my cars making a 'bdoom bdoom eeeeeeeeeeeek' noise, whats up with it?" about 4 times i asked her what noise it was and had her repeat before i couldnt contain my laughter, she hung up and never heard from her again seriously though, when it comes to brakes or steering though get it checked ASAP. Im in Ibrox, if your about this way before you go your trip then gimme
  17. Grow some balls, and if you fail to GIP'd then post pics and the fb addy so one of the other lads can have a bash.
  18. very true. and tits the exact reason things are a cunt to change.
  19. Reid


    i think always blaming the formation is way off the mark. RangersMedia FC play a 4-5-1 and yet we're one of the most attacking sides in our league, its all about how we play it. Granted at this moment in time we dont have the players to utilise such a formation, but folk need to stop thinking because its a 4-5-1 its negative. Thats the best we've played in a while, shit result. And Lafferty still wouldnt get even get on RMFCs bench.
  20. my wee brothers xbox console is chipped () and he's looking for somewhere to download the games from. anyone got any recommendations?
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