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  1. whats everyone elses excuse for being up so early/late then?
  2. I don't dribble ;) xx

  3. I've got good control xx

  4. Your ball skills lol xx

  5. I was just thinking about haha xx

  6. I think I did. xx

  7. Just re read that comment, thought it said something else! Who? :P x

  8. Eh.... Ok lol

  9. back in CM :D

  10. No not at all.

  11. I like kinky!

  12. Ok then boy!

  13. That your a very wise man!

  14. i honestly thought you were a burd from a cheap 80s porn mag.
  15. fap. gum to teeth ratio fail just seen your pic.. hair to head ratio fail?
  16. I believe you son. ;)

  17. Your profile says your 25.. if so im no younger than you.

    But wisdom doesn't just come with age, i'm a man (boy) of the world.

  18. Those are very wise words for someone so young!

  19. I will take it as compliment.

    You learn something new everyday on here!

  20. Thanks foe clearing that up for me.

    Fap, fap, fap!

  21. I really don't know what it means, but go for it why not!

  22. I knew you'd like it.

  23. Fap right back at you!


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