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  1. i cant see the pic, any chance of someone posting a link to it?
  2. aye thats the only thing im worried about
  3. Spurs offered MORE than liverpool! fucking hell!
  4. Spurs offered MORE than liverpool for him, fucking hell
  5. i think always blaming the formation is way off the mark. RangersMedia FC play a 4-5-1 and yet we're one of the most attacking sides in our league, its all about how we play it. Granted at this moment in time we dont have the players to utilise such a formation, but folk need to stop thinking because its a 4-5-1 its negative. Thats the best we've played in a while, shit result. And Lafferty still wouldnt get even get on RMFCs bench.
  6. my wee brothers xbox console is chipped () and he's looking for somewhere to download the games from. anyone got any recommendations?
  7. ah thats who added me then, gimme 5 mins i'll jump on and give you a game mate. im shite tho
  8. ffs mate get the auld tin hat on. Folk on here want shagger out the door because hes pumping burds WITH their consent, what hope has Goodwillie got?
  9. this. its always the same on here though with the criticising goalkeepers.
  10. not long got the game so thought i'd bump this xbox live - m658ndv
  11. This. He's been one of the best players in the team for the last few games and long may it continue. What happened to Hutton though? Wylde showed glimpses of what he's capable of when he came on aswell. If we handle this right, thats 3 fantastic prospects for the club.
  12. this. if you cant take the ball then take the man, you'll get a yellow at worst if theres defenders coming back with the attacker.
  13. my big cousin sells them mate, comes with games etc already on it.
  14. why didnt i think of that already
  15. streaming, watching films ive downloaded etc. a bit further with this, still using the Svideo cable (only option i have ATM) TV is a Sony Trinitron Kd-32DX40U gfx card is a Radeon HT 2600 XT. its detecting the TV now and is showing something on the screen but im only just able to make out the picture. what settings should i be changing? ive had a look online and im stumped, played aboutwith the settings a wee bit and it never helped, dont wanna fuck it or spend another few hours messing about when its something simple/not achievable.
  16. that'll do, cheers fella.
  17. i dont have a HDMI slot Stu. S video, SCART, and the composites(RCA?)
  18. would i need a HDTV for that?
  19. Trying to get my PC to show on my telly but having some issues. Using an S-video to RCA cables to join them but all im getting is snowy lines across the telly. am i doing it the right way? what should i be looking at to sort it? *ADD. found this in my settings, the telly is flickering when i click detect but nothing else. *2nd add. the gfx card im using has a 7pin S-video. the connector im using to take it RCA is only 4 pin, is this my problem?
  20. surely your at it? the balls 30 yards out and he should never have gotten anywhere near getting a shot away. I play in goals as well and he was standing exactly where i wouldve been, in a position where your both able to come out for any crosses and covering your goal well enough that only a top class strike could beat you. as soon as it hit the back of the net i wouldve been charging out and letting the defenders hear me for not shutting him down.
  21. pretty much EXACTLY what i was gonna post. shagger showing he's a true rangers man and that every goal conceeded hurts him on a personal level. IMO he doesnt deserve to be dragged down with a rangers team playing like this.
  22. i need a driver for " ICatch (VI) PC Camera" anyone know what sites the best for it? had a look on google but just finding shite. If it makes any difference im running windows 7 x64
  23. im kinda happy about it, will hopefully give young Hutton a bit of a run in the team.
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