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  1. tbh Europe past Xmas in any competition will fucking do me! give a few of the young boys some CL experience and stick them out against Man U. a young boy (ie Hutton/Fleck) with a bit of talent and a lot to prove would be a great asset IMO.
  2. no working for me, keeps disconnecting saying application failed request?
  3. Reid


    theres where my loyalties lie (and the road tax i need )
  4. Reid


    haha exactly the same as mine!
  5. Great quote, nice to see Walter getting the recognition he deserves.
  6. "we can see you's sneaking out" fucking loved it.
  7. haha not quite.. surely 90% of this board are/were exactly the same.
  8. seriously wtf? i've played 4/5 games of football a week(ocassionally more) aafter working 40 hours week in labourious jobs since i was about 14. now im not doing it for the massive pay packet he's on, neither am i playing for Rangers.. I would do doggies to hell and back all day every day for both without getting "tired". football players these days
  9. possibly one of the best posts i'd read on here. take a bow fella.
  10. as chuffed as i am with the result, i just cant help but think if we would've stuck weiss on at 80mins and had a go they wouldnt have known how to handle it. would've maybe took the pressure off the defence a bit aswell!
  11. surely had to be papac of naismith, boy worked his arse off for 90 mins solid.
  12. i actually think the surface is aslright. granted its not a touch on the like of toryglen but i play on it every week and its not that bad.
  13. i fucking hate players that go down from ashirt pull. seriously, you'd have to rip my RM shirt off my back for me to hit the deck during a game.
  14. Reid


    is there any decent tutorials in doing stuff like this?
  15. ive noticed that aswell. usually it wouldve Boyd standing on the keeper and banging in that second goal last night, but as he's dropping deeper to contribute to play he's not able to get into the same positions he was. he's does one thing to please everyone and they start complaining about everything else.
  16. what was the song the fans were singing about him last night?
  17. aye same here, ragin! mine has not come back on. wat link r use using? http://p2p4u.net/watch/13541/1/watch-kilmarnock-v-rangers.html that one mate.
  18. what link u using, mines just chucked it
  19. just seen the freekick, the movement on that ball was phenomenal.
  20. i bet thats SDoW himself, trying to squeeze in a few more games just to keep fit.
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